Evening primrose oil safe?

Hi all I wonder if anyone knows if it is safe to take evening primrose oil after having breast cancer? I had a left mastectomy for Her2pos ductal cancer and have been getting psin in my remaining breast for months! When I went for my herceptin treatment today my bcn told me that evening primrose oil is good to take for the breast pain, but am now reading that it might not be safe. Has anyone else taken it or know anything about it? Thanks!
Katie x

I’ve been taking evening primrose for the last few months to help with the menopausal side effects of tamoxifen.


In what way would it not be safe? I just assumed they would be fine as they were recomended by my BCN but would be interested to know of any differing advice…


Lu xx

I know this is quite an old newspaper item and it is the Daily Mail, but this is what it says:


"Evening primrose oil could help beat breast cancer

Last updated at 12:52 03 November 2005


A substance found in evening primrose oil may prove to be a powerful new weapon against aggressive breast cancer, scientists have revealed.

In laboratory tests it not only suppressed an important breast cancer gene but also amplified the effects of a drug used in advanced stages of the disease.

Thousands of women in the UK take evening primrose oil to alleviate period symptoms."


and this dated 2012 from another medical website:


"I can find no evidence suggesting that evening primrose oil has estrogen-like effects or that it increases breast cancer risk or risk of recurrence. I did come across a report suggesting that GLA might actually augment the treatment of an aggressive type of breast cancer associated with the Her-2/neu gene. Research at Northwestern University found that GLA inhibits the action of this cancer gene and also improves the response of these breast cancer cells to Herceptin, the drug used to treat Her-2/neu-positive breast cancer. (However, I’ve seen no confirming follow-up studies.)   

If you’ve had breast cancer and find that evening primrose oil relieves hot flashes or is otherwise helpful to you, there’s no reason not to continue using it."


I’ve been taking it myself now for about 6 months. My cancer was ER+ and PR+.