Everolimus and exemestane

Hi All

After two cycles of Capecitebine I have been told I can nolonger take it due to it affecting my liver. I am having a few weeks to recover and then there is talk aobut starting Everolimus and exemestane . Just wondered what experice others had on these drugs. I have tried searching the site but can only find an old thread.




Hi Sarahlouise, these two drugs have only recently come to my notice…if you put these names into the oblong box above then where it says board, try entering users  and search something might emerge…or you could try putting one of them in…the fact that it’s a combined approach may be more effective for you…one is a chemo( I believe) , the other is an anti oestrogen…anyway, you must be oestrogen pos or they wouldn’t give it to you



you could try opening a new thread and adding, buddies needed on the title next to exermestane nd everolimus…also users will see your posting…,a lot of silent users read, but they might  reply if you put buddies needed.


failing that, you could ring the helpline or pm the nurses…l


good luck with it


Hugs Moijanxx

Hi, I just took my own advice and only got what you got, but I notice 26 people have read your post




Try this thread.,plenty of recent stuffxx


also this but the above is busier