Every Ache and pain

Every Ache and pain

Every Ache and pain Hi All

Am I alone ni thinking that every single ache and pain I get is bc coming back?!

I sometimes get twinging pains in my chest or an odd pain in my other breast or stomach which I would never have given a thought to in the past - but now I go in to major panic.!

Does anyone know if this wears off in time and does anybody else get odd aches and pains???!

Love to all


I was diagnosed in July 2005, about six months before you and over the past couple of years I have experienced exactly the same feelings as you. Last week my wrist was aching and I convinced myself that this was the cancer back again until I remembered that someone had fallen against my arm on the bus the week before! Last month I had to have an xray of my back for a completely unrelated problem and was so stressed that i fainted in the doctor’s waiting room when I went for my results! I’ve got lots more examples like this and so does everyone else I’ve ever met who has been through any cancer.

You are not alone in any of your fears and all i can say is that things do get easier. However, if you think that your health concerns are seriously affecting your quality of life and / or making you depressed then I would highly recommend going to a counsellor. I have had about 20 counselling sessions with a Macmillan counsellor and it really helped me.

me too I think everyone feels like this. Whenever I have something wrong with me my immediate thought is that its come back even tho a year or so ago it wouldnt have bothered me.

I have to see onc next month and Im dreading that then in September I have my first mammo and truly expect that I will faint when I go for results.

I dont know if it ever goes away…dont get me wrong, I couldnt have done without these forums this past year but I do think that me reading these every day doesnt help. I know people who had bc 10, 15 and 25 years ago and would no more go online than fly to the moon and have never thought for one minute that theirs could come back…ok they may get a shock one day but at least they havnt spent all these years worrying like I am all the while…so is ignorance bliss or is knowledge power?

Love Laine

Its called canceritis and I think we all suffer! in the last couple of weeks I’ve had ‘it’ in bones,lungs and other breast but all symptoms gone now!!