Everything at once

I feel so overwhelmed today. I have my WLE and slnb results on monday and this is stressful in itself, but I feel so overwhelmed with all the other stuff going on in life. We’re half way through a bathroom renovation that my husband is doing himself in-between childcare, a full time job and me. On top of this, the boiler has finally packed in. We have no heating. There is a leak under kitchen floor so we’ve had to turn off hot water too. I’m off work, so worried about money. Insurance will fix pipe but they won’t pay for kitchen floor to be dug up or put back after. The boiler has to be replaced. I feel like everything is going wrong all at once and I don’t know how we can pay for it all. I just feel so anxious and stressed.

Sorry for the rant. I know there is nothing anyone can do, but needed to get it all off my chest.

Thanks all


thinking of you sorry that you’re struggling - feeling a bit overwhelmed myself today . Wishing g you all the best for your results xx


Thank you @JoanneN. I’m so glad results are tomorrow. Then maybe I can deal with all the other stuff. Hope youre ok too. Its hard not to feel overwhelmed by all this sometimes isnt it? X

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My god if it’s doesn’t rain it’s pours, please look after yourself, taking one day at a time, your health is so important at the moment.

Maybe family or friends could step in and help under the circumstances (easy for me to say).

I do hope things get better for you and the family, wishing you luck, health and happiness ahead.

Biggest hugs Tili :pray::rainbow::pray::rainbow:

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Thank you @Tili. I’m sure it will be okay and I’ve calmed down a bit now. Just feel a bit like everything is so hard at moment. Once I get tomorrow out the way, hopefully I can focus better. Hope you are well x

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Happy Monday, bluesatuma, will be thinking of you today, good luck with your hospital appointment, fingers crossed for a good outcome.

Hugs Tili :pray::rainbow::pray::rainbow:

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Hi bluesatsuma,
Fingers crossed for you getting your results today,hope that everything goes well.

It never is just cancer is it,there is always other stuff going on that needs dealing with as well.
It might be worth phoning Macmillan cancer support,they are a great listening ear as well as giving great advise and help on financial and other worries.

Wishing you luck.
All the best.:hugs::heart::heart: