Excema and tamoxifen

Hello new I’m new on this forum! My excema is getting worse and worse and I’ve had four rounds of antibiotics in one year. It’s been progressively getting worse and I’m now getting it on my back, tummy and legs as well as the normal arms and hands. Feeling very low about it. Anyone else suffering or thinking the tamoxifen may be the cause? GP doesn’t seem interested, just tells me to moisturise, which I do every hour pretty much. Oncologist said 5 years of tamoxifen, and I’m 3.5 years in but they have extended to 10 years. I could cope with this terrible skin for another couple of years but not 7?! Any thoughts?



Sorry I can not help with your query but I just wanted to acknowledge your post, hopefully someone else might be able to help.


You could try posting on the Ask Our Nurses thread and see if they might be able to offer some advice.


Helena xx

Excema is a nuisance isn’t is? I don’t know if the Tamoxifen has made it worse - some days I think it must do!

I used to be able to control it well by using Epaderm and occasionally topped that up with Eumovate but lately my lower legs where I rarely used to get excema have been itchy to the point I have scratched until it has almost bled. Anti-histamines have helped too when it has been unbearable but I think I’ll mention it next time I see a doctor - whether it be my GP or the oncologist not sure whose next on the appointments diary! lol!

Strangely enough the coconut based Body Shop Body butter has been quite good - I use it for my heels and feet for dry cracked skin and found that the excema I had on the palms of my hands seemed to heal up too. Funny how some things suddenly seem to work when you’re not looking for them. I hope you can find some relief soon - I know only too well how the insane itching can drive you nuts!!

After I started on Tamoxifen my neck became very itchy and angry red if I scratch. It is worse when I feel stressed. I try to relax by doing stretching exercises and it helps a bit though still sticking around. I try to refrain from scratching otherwise it gets worse. I think Tamoxifen can aggravate eczema.

Hi everyone, I have just joined this group and find all your comments very handy, it’s interesting seeing how everyone seems to suffer differently with different brands of lexarole.

I have taken two brands accord and Cipla, I’m currently back on accord,but I seem to be struggling with feeling insecure and emotions, to the point I just break down and feel so angry, has anyone else suffered like this ? My breast nurse has said I need to give each brand a month to see how I feel, I just hate feeling like I am at the moment, any comments would be greatly appreciated

Thank you ?