I have never suffered from excema but about a month ago I got a patch on my boob, i now have it on my legs, stomach, elbows, stomach as well, have various creams and potions from doc but was wondering if anyone else has had this after treatment and if so if you have any recommendations for easing it and was it temporary or something I’m likely to be stuck with, it’s really starting to get me down (finished chemo in August and rads in oct). Thanks

Hi Zuzy

sorry you haven’t had any replies to your question as yet but hopefully now someone will see this and reply.  In the meantime our helpline team are just a free phone call away if you would like to give them a ring.  They’re here to support you.  0808 800 6000

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I had a dry skin condition anyway, and it has not reacted well to op, implant or hospital bra.  At one point it felt like sandpaper had been put in.  I used Dr cream first  - Xerobase which is poerfume free, but as i have not required further treatment i am now using vitamin E oil and it is fabulous - from holland and Barret

Hi all; just been reading your posts about eczema.  I never suffered with it until after I was diagnosed with BC.  I had eczema on my arms, legs, chest and back and nothing really seemed to alleviate it altogether.  The best product I found for me was a bath oil from Pure Potions.  However, I think stress was the trigger for this flare up.  I am now 2 years post op and in January had a check up and all was well.  I’ve also not long completed a uni course which was also sresssful but since finishing the course and since my last check up the eczema has cleared up thank goodness.


I hope that yours will do the same in time.


Jane xx

I have had eczema for a long time but the stress of the treatment made it worse. I do use an emollient ointment but have needed a hydrocortisone cream as well which is really helpful. Have a chat to your GP if it doesn’t clear.

I can empathise! I’m really low about excema all over my body too. Back to docs tomorrow. I can only think it is the stress. I’m currently trying kefir to help from the inside out, no improvement yet! Other than that it is trying to find emollients that don’t make you itch more. I have a variety and cycle through them. Plus steroid creams. Hope you improve soon. Hugs xx