Excessive sweating.

I have posted on this before. Not sure if anyone else said they get it or not. Of course the affected arm swells more in heat but the sweat also drips off me. I have just read this could be a sign of hyperthyroidism. Has anyone else had this excessive sweating on affected lymphoedema arm. I have also read there are tablets etc for this excessive sweating. Anyone know anything about treatments for it. Wonder if I should get it checked by a doctor as there is a strong history of thyroid problems in my family.

Hi starfish,I too have very bad sweats and my lymphodema arm sweats more than the rest of me it falls off my arm like raindrops lol.I am taking tamoxifen and thought that the sweating was a side effect, maybe you should get thyroid checked as you have a family history.

best wishes Mel xx

Hi Starfish

Think I replied to this somewhere else, but I occasionally lose track of myself!

Trouble is, wearing a sleeve always makes an arm hotter…

I think some sleeves have a higher cotton content than others. Perhaps you can be prescribed one like that, which might make you a bit more comfortable?