exchange tissue expanders for permanent implant operation

Hi, I am due to have the op to exchange my tissue expanders for permanent implants. I am interested to hear people’s experiences of this op. EG how long did you need off work? was it a relatively easy experience compared to the mastectomies? Do the perm implants feel significantly more comfortable/ softer? Really hope so!

Also, I am not sure whether I need bigger or smaller implants to remain the size I am currently with the TE’s. My surgeon wants to put wider implants in so I can be the same size, but my internet research suggests it is the volume of the implant that matters. i am getting confused! 

Finally I am having teardrop implants and wonder what peoples’ experiences are of these. 



Hi Stephanie01,
I had this done in August. It was a fairly easy op, I stayed in two nights, but I have a heart problem so always have to take a bit more time. The silicone implant is much much more comfortable than the expander, and looks more natural. I too had a teardrop, I’m older and anything too perky and it would have been difficult to match with my non surgery side, which I’ve just had lifted and reduced. I believe it’s usual to inflate the expander a bit more than the size you want, so that you get a more natural appearance, and perhaps so that the surgeon has a little seam allowance! I was advised to wear a bra 24 hours for six weeks post op, so ask if this will be the case for you, as you’ll want something soft and comfortable.
Do you have a date for your surgery yet? I hope it goes well for you.
All the best

Hi all


I too am now on the waiting list to have right tissue expander exchanged for a permanent silicone implant.  However, my surgeon is reluctant to carry out the op and has asked me several times if I want a 2nd opinion.  I thought that meant a second opinion within the same hospital but am now thinking I can ask for a referral to the Royal Marsden as they have a very good plastic surgery dept.


My original mx was in September 2012.  I still have the port in and it is uncomfortable.  I have heard from several people on this website that the difference is amazing.


As far as the mastectomy goes, be prepared for several weeks of discomfort and pain and take recovery one day at a time.  It does get better.  Good luck Chris

Bumping this. I had L mastectomy and expander implant Jan 2015. Having chemo and herceptin for most of 2015 has delayed implant exchange until yesterday. I had the op at 5pm and was home by 8am today. I had a teardrop implant which looks and feels fantastic!! And just one drain. So pleased to get all the tubes and the port removed at long last. Although I will be taking it easy for a few weeks my arm is mobile and there is hardly any pain. So pleased that I can now think of buying decent post surgery bras and lovely summer tops this year.