Tumour markers are up and looks like bone mets are on the move possibly to lungs and ribs from sternum and spine. Scan next week. Oncologist stopping arimidex after 2 years as obviously not working and chest pain getting very bad. Has anyone got experience of exemesetane and possible side effects and how long it kept their mets stable?

Love Rosdubh xxx

Hi, I went onto exemestane after a long period on Arimidex. (have bone mets) The tablets worked for around 5 months which was disappointing…I felt well throughout though (better than I’d felt on Arimidex) and I know others who have had years on this treatment…I didn’t have any major progression on the tablets but my tumour markers were rising each month. I hope the change in hormonals works well for you…x

Hi - I was put on Exemestane (Aromasin) after a scan showed a tiny lesion. Side effects for me were no worse than with Arimidex. Have no idea whether it was working or not, as other events led my new onc to switch me to Femara after 9 months.


I was also switched from Arimidex to Exemestane and didn’t experience any worse side effects from it. However, my liver mets progressed so I was taken off it and given chemo and haven’t been put back on it although I’m still on chemo and have been long term (21 months) but I presume it stopped working and that’s why I got the progression.

Hi barons and all, i am on Femara after being on armiedx and exemestance is this working for you ? 9 months is good ? i was told by onl spec that he has put in for new tables or drug (clatterbridge) but wont tell me name of it yet!

I d hope this farmera is working for you but how do you know if something else has stoopped working

Hi Anne , not sure if asked this before zaf malikc is special their clatterbridge ? i start radio on brain tomorrow ! planning and radio (whrt)… I havent heard this before ? who is joe Maguire ? Is this specialist ?

If this is specialist you can have second option.

sophie xxx

I started exmestane back in January due to progression of bone mets and a spot being found on the liver. Have had one scan since then in May and that showed things to be stable, but am due next week at the onc and am starting to get nervous re the TM’s. If my bloods are good we are looking at staying on this and having another CT in a couple of months. I feel ok, but am at that stage where I don’t trust my body after all I got 4 and half years out of femera and felt well on that.



I took exmestane for 12 months (bone mets) before progression - am now on Faslodex - apart from aching hands I didn’t have any bad side affects with it.My bloods are no good for showing situation so depend on 6-9 monthly bone scan.