Exemestane and Everolimus - Desperate advice

Hi All,

My mum has been on Riboclicilb and letrozole for 14 months for MBC in her bones. After a recent MRI, there is one new lesion on her spine and some other mets on her spine have grown slightly. I’m petrified to be honest. It’s her first progression since secondary diagnosis. I really hoped this combo was going to work for longer.

Exemestane and Everolimus have been recommended as second line treatment. Has anyone any experience of these drugs? Has anyone got any positive stories? I feel so deflated and scared. Desperately seeking help. I’m so trying to stay strong for my mum, but inside I’m crumbling.

Thanks very much in advance! Xxx

Sorry you haven’t had any replies I’m lucky enough my mets are stable on palbo and letrozole you should maybe phone one of the bc nurses on forum here they will help a few ladies on here gone on to different treatments successfully one I know is 15 years on in mets after various changes in treatment. I sent a link that says this prevents going onto chemotherapy with some good effect don’t analyse it all especially on a Saturday night .If you put exemestane or everolimus in search bar you mind find some threads. You will understandably  be worried I’m awaiting my last scan results and you always think what if its stopped working. Sending love hugs and positive vibes Liz xx