Exemestane and insomnia

Has anyone suffered from insomnia while taking exemestane? Does the insomnia go away once your body has adjusted to the meds? I also had joint pain from the exemestane which came a few weeks after I started on it, but the pain eased and the insomnia started. Basically I’m hoping that the insomnia will ease over time too. Does anyone have insight into this?

I had insomnia with exemestane.


I was on Anastrazole first (lasted a couple of months before being changed) and had it 5 days out of 7. Exemestane (on for 6 months) was 3 days out of 7.  It happened no matter how tired I was before bed - a twitch or a snore from himself would jerk me awake and that was that


I coped with using my kindle (no need to put on the light to read) and usually fell asleep about 3am


Please remember I am only talking of my own experience here as we all seem to suffer a pick and mix of side effects