Exemestane and vaginal bleeding

Hi. Just a quick note about me I’m living with metastic breast cancer in my bone marrow. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007, had masectomy, chemo, radiotherapy then on tamoxifen for nearly ten years. I was then diagnosed with bone marrow infiltration in 2017. I had chemo then was on anaestrozole for about 15 months where it wasn’t being effective so just had more chemo which finished on the 11th March. I’m due to start another hormone treatment exemestane. My concern is vaginal bleeding, anyone experienced this? I use to get it on anaestrozole every couple of months even though I am meant to be post menopausal. I am going away with a romantic break with my husband next week and am scared to take this new tablet in case I get any vaginal bleeding. Oncologist ideally wants me to start it since its been 2 weeks since chemo finished. Said its my life so my decision. Help any thoughts. Info leaflet within box doesn’t mention bleeding but it does say so on the Internet. Many thanks 


i was on Exemestane for 3 months prior to having to stop it & didn’t experience any bleeding but I’m also getting monthly injections to suppress my ovaries - sorry this isn’t a more helpful reply! X

Hi Jules

just to say I have been on EE for 15 months and have never had any vaginal bleeding.  I am post menopausal.  I am doing well on this combo and hope to stay on it a long time.  Was hard at the start with side effects but now settled down and I am very well.  So give it a go don’t delay you were probably just unlucky on anaestrozal, I was also on that before I was DX with secondary BC in the bones.  Wishing you all the best and enjoy your romantic break.