After the failure of letrozole and Palbociclib after just ten months I have now been prescribe this e/e combination. I have been taking the Exemestane for over a week with no side effects. I have just had my everolimus delivered an hour ago. Very worried about possible side effects but if it works I will live with them. Just wanting to know if it is okay to take the Exemestane in the morning and the everolimus in the evening? I am sure I read somewhere that someone was doing this. I have phoned the chemotherapy nurses but they dont know. Any advice please? DiS

Hi Dis 

I’m on this combination and take them together with no apparent ill  effects. 

The main side effects I have experienced are insomnia with resulting tiredness had a few mouth ulcers initially but they have resolved now - used prednisolone mouthwash that was prescribed by onc. 

Hope it has good results for you x

Hi Dis


I’ve been on Exmestane and Everolimus for a year now at first side effects from mouth ulcers were bad and then dose reduced to 7.5mg and I have coped much better.  When I was first given Everolimus I was also given a book/diary to log side effects etc.  In the booklet it states that the Everolimus and exmestane must be taken together to be effective, I was not told this by the breast cancer nurse who took me through the introduction or the oncologist.  I too was going to take one lot in the morning and one in the evening until reading this information which is really important can’t believe the nurses are not aware of this.  


Hope you you do well on this combo I am told it is working for me and the cancer is stable.


Very best wishes to you.


buzz x

Hi there, 

I havr been on E/E for 10months and was told to take them togethet bu oncologist and specialist nurse. The booklet also states that ( was given it when I started my treatment). I had mouth ulcers initially but they settled after a few months. Just after Christmas my CT showed I had pneumonitis  and I had been a little breathless but as I was coping oncologist got me to ‘ride it out’ and it serms to be settling, next CT on 7 May so fingers crossed. I do feel very fatigued on the treatment but have been able to return to wirk part time. I hope you get settled on this and it works for you. I have had this from my srcondary diagnosis last April so its tge first treatment I have experienced. All the best. ?