Exercise after treatment

Good morning all on this lovely sunny morning.

I’ve been encouraged to increase my exercise by my GP (when don’t they) as I also have Type 2 diabetes as well as thankfully come to the end of my BC treatment for DCIS. Completed rads 5 weeks ago.

Onc last week cleared me to start swimming again.

Anyway has anyone tried the “curves” programme where you work machines in a circuit for 30 mins. I have a local curves centre about 10 mins walk from home & have booked to see them next Tuesday.

I’d be keen to hear of any benefits or otherwise from any of you who have started or stopped using this system.

I’m not particularly overweight (about half a stone). Before Easter Egg in moderation of course.


Hi Lynne,
I’ve heard of the Curves thing and it has good feedback. Don’t want to teach you to suck eggs, but any kind of circuit training is good for increasing your aerobic fitness (ie training your heart and lungs), and also will train a range of muscles rather than just a few. Also you get less wear and tear on your joints because you’re varying the exercises. I find circuits fun, you don’t end up spending hours doing the same thing over and over again.
Good luck with it, hope you feel the benefits. And I hope you enjoy your moderate Easter Egg!

Hi Lynne
Not tried curves myself but go to Ladyzone ( just cos its closer to me) I started last Nov as hormone regime has made me put on unwanted pounds. It is doable as it comes in a 30 min circuit and you get out of as much as you want to put in ( hey sound like I ought to be on there payroll)No joking apart I feel so much better even though it is a slow weight loss ( but no gains!!)I find circuits good just like bubbletrouble and it doesnt take up all of your time. Enjoy


Hi Lynne,
I went to my local Curves for 3 years, it’s a brilliant way to exercise and I’d recommend it to anyone. I only gave up because they started closing earlier and I couldn’t get down there in time after work; I’d start going again as my working hours are more flexible now but the branch has closed down sadly. Hope that helps.


Thanks for the comments.

I went to the Curves centre this morning & really enjoyed it. I have to say I didn’t push myself too hard; but they demonstrated all the machines and I completed 2 circuits.As I have type 2 diabetes they needed me to get Ok from my GP.

I just e-mailed him & he gave me the go ahead & thought it was a great idea.

They have an offer on this month; if I donate a large bag of non-perishable food which goes to a local food bank; they do not charge a joining fee. Seems like a good deal to me.

I’ll go & join up on Thursday. Looking fwd to it.

Take care

Hi Lynne,

Good luck with your ‘curves’ and hope it helps you to tone up too. I went for a period of three months before my dx and mx earlier this year, but hoping to rejoin over the next month or so. I quickly lost the extra few pounds I was looking to lose after my first six week check, but amazingly lost nine inches overall including legs, arms, hips, back and lastly, stomach (the hardest bit to shift). The club organize lots of events too which can be fun to get involved in and in turn a lot of money is raised for breast cancer awareness and other charities including women’s aid groups.

Hi Lynne,

I’ve been a member of Curves for several years. I tend to start, then get lazy and don’t go for a couple of months, but always end up going back. I find it less boring than going to a conventional gym and the great thing is you complete your daily exercise in 30 minutes and you can work as hard or as little as you feel like, although the coaches do encourage you to work hard.

I haven’t been since dx in December last year, but completed my rads four weeks ago and beginning to feel more energised, so thinking of going back soon. Hope you enjoy it.