I keep reading about exercise - I’m naturally lazy and unfit but willing to try anyone. Could someone explain how much exercise I would need and what forms. 
would I be able to walk during chemo ? I’ve done 30 minutes on threadmill last 3 days but at fairly slow pace 

I did. By the time my last session of chemo hit I felt like dog crap and I would just walk and cry. It might have been at a snail’s pace but I was determined. Exercise can lower you recurrence rate by 40 to 60% so if you can do it, it’s like another treatment. After awhile you also start getting addicted. Like it becomes a wonderful stress reliever.

The standard recommendation is 150 minutes a week of moderate exercise. Think walking quick but still able to carry on a conversation. Weights are recommended two or three times a week. And going slow right now is fine if that’s all you can manage. It’ll help you to prepare for treatment, enable you to get through it better, then set you up for a full and quick recovery once completed. 

Before bc I absolutely hated exercise (still do) although I did train once a week for stress relief.

However, I now exercise almost every day for at least 30 minutes and my absolute savour has been VR!! I bought the metaquest VR set and it has changed my life.

There are so many fun workouts and the immersive experience makes you forget you are exercising.

Yesterday, I “skied” for 40 minutes in the French alps. Basically by squatting and moving my arms backwards, I ski. By the end of it; I was dripping in sweat but really enjoyed the experience and toning my stomach same time!

I also play games like Beat Saber which is so energetic. It worth investing in if it will make you exercise - certainly worked for me.

As Kay mentioned, it does become addictive and I am forever monitoring everything on my Fitbit! The fact it prevents recurrence too is the biggest bonus.

I firmly believe it has played a key part of me not having many side effects from tamoxifen (such as joint pain etc).

Good luck with it xx

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