Exercises following WLE and Axillary Clearance

Can someone point to me the exercises as I noted a few seem to have started them before the op which I think is a great idea.


I was given a thingy to read for after mine, there is a link somewhere and someone far more usefull will be along to help soon…

Hey Jean, click on the link below and it should take you to BCC link for the arm exercises. Simone xxx


If the above doesn’t work try the one below or go to publications on BCC website, it’s called “Getting Fitter, Feeling Stronger”. You can download or order a hard copy.


Thanks Simone

Jean x

Yes, definitely get the BCC Exercise DVD. They don’t seem as though you’re doing much but they made a huge difference to me.

You’ll probably find that you need to keep doing them for a long time afterwards, maybe indefinitely - I had my WLE and ANC on Christmas Eve last year and find that my arm still stiffens up now and the rads hardening has made it worse (I had my rads throughout June). I’d slackened off recently but had some pain in my shoulder so I’ve started working harder again as I don’t want to end up with a frozen shoulder.

I had cording after my op and needed some physio and the exercises helped hugely with that as well.

Jane xxx

Thanks Jane I have printed off the exercises and started them today the plan is to build up to my op and then start them again after it.

Good to hear how others get on.


Good luck Granny
I didn’t think about starting the exercises before surgery, but it does make sense. I found they worked really well afterwards and I regained good movement in my arm quite quickly after surgery although completely numb in the axilla area on that side. Also had nerve damage on the outer side of that arm, but that does seem to be gradually easing.
I had my surgery in May, am still having chemo which will be followed by Radiotherapy so intend to re-start the exercises just before.
I wish you well.

Thanks slendablenda the support I have received on here has been amazing and much appreciated, I hope everything goes well with the rest of your treatment.

Jean xx

Hi Jean, i agree its a good idea to start the exercises before surgery. I started mine before, i had axillary sampling in july then a full clearance in august & i have a full range of movement in my arm & shoulder. Im the same as slendablenda, i still have a numb area underneath but it doesnt cause any problems except perhaps that i cant feel if im washing it properly in the shower, just have to guess,lol.
Gpood luck with you op x

Thanks hjv, without this forum I wouldn’t have thought of starting them early, just one of the many bits of great advice I have picked up since joining.

Jean xxx