The only exercises i have been given are those following mastectomy are there any others specifically for lymphoedema

I was advised by lympho nurse that bouncing gently on a mini trampoline was very useful.I did this once and on the 5th bounce I broke my tibial plateau[no one told me not to hop!!].It may be worth a try but do be careful.

Hi Eileen

There are 3 threads on here - in the Lymphoedema Category - called ‘My Lymphoedema Training’. There are parts 1, 2 and 3. I think quite a few people have found them helpful. Will give them a bit of a bump in a minute…

They are meant for when you have lymphoedema, but obviously wouldn’t do any harm if you haven’t.

If you like swimming and there’s no medical reason why you shouldn’t, this is really good for both lymphoedema and ‘at risk’ arms’. Best to start slowly and work up gradually; I think breast stroke is to be recommended, at least at first.