Exercising after treatment has finished

I have now finished my treatment of Chemo and Radiotherapy and now trying to get back to my fitness. I am training for the Brighton marathon, but find that at about mile 11 my legs are feeling very heavy and painful. The longest run to date is just under 15 miles and I couldn’t stand because of my legs. I do have arthritis and restless leg syndrome and therefore I do need to exercise and to get the weight down. Like most people I did put on a lot of weight, but todate I have lost nearly a stone.
Has anyone had or have the same problem or am I just mad to try and run another marathon so soon after finishing my treatment?

Hi Scooby

Welcome to the forums, hope you find them a great source of information and support.

Whilst you’re waiting for others to respond, I thought I’d give you to the link to our publications page. We have a number of leaflets on the subject of exercise which might be useful. Here’s the link:


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Louise, Facilitator

Hi, you don’t say when you finished treatment, nor when the Brighton marathon is…
I was very lucky in that I never suffered from lack of energy or the fatigue that some do, nor did i have the the achy stiff joints and limbs. I don’t run, but I am a serious hill walker (I’m not serious, but the hills are!) - and I managed strenuous walks in the Lake District right through chemo - and I’m on Herceptin.
It’s very difficult to say, but the best advice I can give you is to listen to your body. If it protests - then reign back a bit.

It sounds to me as though you are doing pretty well. 11 miles is fantastic. I tried to run for the train the other day and I was knackered.

Scooby, you are so inspiring and you go girl! Here is a link to breastcancer.org who has a 2013 running thread. These women can offer you feedback and there are many of us here in the UK posting at BC.org:
Hugs, LB, x

Hi Lilac Blue,

Many thanks for your message. I’m not sure that I’m inspiring there must be others who are defintely inspiring.
I have now linked up with BG.org and was really surprised how many runners with breast cancer out there.
Luv Scooby xx

Great Scooby!

I feels like an uphill battle to get women to come and join us for Pink Ribbon Pilates in Ashford, that is free. Excerise is the best we can offer ourselves to help keep recurrence at bay. Keep at it Scooby and I’ll be running the Race For Life in Folkestone to celebrate my one year our from surgery. Last year, woman from my gym ran with my name on their back while I was in hospital and this year, I’m running with them!

Well done Scooby.
Only you know if you can manage the marathon this year - your body has been through a lot and it will need time to recover. Listen to it. Maybe a half marathon instead? I am sure you will be doing the full marathon next year, whatever you decide to do this year.