Exercising through chemo

Hi there, 

Is there anyone out there who does some form of exercise whilst undergoing treatment. I’m only on week 2 of triple a negative treatment so immuno, paclitaxel and carboplatin with paclitaxel on day 8 and day 15. 

I used to do HITT and kettle workouts but I’m scared I’m going to over do them or damage my lymph nodes etc. Would yoga or Pilates be better and do u recommend any videos online to do via YouTube or Instagram etc.

Thanks Kendal

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I walked through chemo every day. It was tough on some days but I thought it important to keep moving. I don’t know about more physical activity than that but I would think if you feel you can manage it then do it. Check with your doctor though first.


Hi @Kendal I’m on EC-T (had my first EC two weeks ago). I’ve been doing a weekly yoga class the last two weeks and am loving it, so much I went to a yoga workshop this morning with the same instructor. Think it’s helping me relax.

I checked with my breast cancer nurse and oncologist who said they encouraged exercise, and that going swimming or to a class was a good idea. My yoga lady is so nice, I told her I was at risk of lymphodemia so she gives me different exercises rather than downward dog. I was slightly nervous going for the first time after chemo but my instructor was so supportive and I felt good after.

I’ve been trying to walk a fair bit too, and found the more I move the less tired I feel which is weird. Maybe not dissimilar to dealing with a hangover! But sometimes I’ve felt totally knackered and had lots of midday catnaps. Not tried anything more cardio based yet but am up for giving it a go. Do you have any good yoga classes nearby? X

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Hi :wave: im on a different chemo to you (EC) and im struggling with energy/fatigue. My oncologist recommended doing yoga. I see other ladies have also suggested yoga, so maybe stick to something a bit more low impact/gentle!


Yoga is nice as there’s a lot of emphasis on thinking about how different parts of your body feel, and stretching/balance to help you feel more grounded. With all the changes happening to my body during chemo and post surgery that feels positive.

Everyone is different, but I’ve found going to a local group is good as you get a diverse group of people. Less gym bunnies and more pensioners and mums (one of whom brings her son :blush:). So it’s quite relaxed and if you feel tired you can always just have a rest on your mat for a while. Do you think you’ll give it a go @Jellytotz ? Xxxx

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