Hi ladies I had a mastectomy 5 months ago. I’d like to exfoliate to get rid of dead skin. Up to now I’ve not used anything on my surgery site but soap, not even used any moisturiser at all because I’ve just been too scared to rub any chemicals into it. Can anyone recommend a very gentle exfoliating treatment?

Hello Strawberrytart - what a lovely name!

I went back to using my shower mitts not too long after my mastectomy in Jan 2021. I really cannot remember how long but it was, certainly way before five months. I remember going over my scar and surgery area with with no pressure - just as if I was running my hand over my chest.

I plastered myself in aqueous cream. Bizarrely, Vaseline aloe vera hand cream was my go-to as it’s sank in beautifully.

I have very bumpy back of arms so I use Beauty Pie’s brightening vitamin C body lotion religiously. And have been for years. I appreciate that Beauty Pie is a subscription service and not to everybody’s taste. Q+A do a Salicylic Acid Smoothing lotion that works. It’s the salicylic acid that sorts out the bumps. Soap and Glory do a similar product but it’s not as good.

You could look at a product like that if you are concerned about the exfoliating. Just slap it all over!

Having said that, I have lymphodema in my right arm so I don’t go scrubbing it with my mitts. I just do gentle pressure. Using the brightening cream and the good old scrub on my left arm and a gentle rub of my right arm there is no difference between my arms. They are as smooth as a baby’s bum :baby::peach::joy:

I’m sure you won’t over do any exfoliation if you decide to go for it.

Here’s to summer ready skin… if we ever get any warm weather to expose ourselves.


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Ah thank you for the advice Angela xxx

I watched a facebook live by Breast Cancer Now last week about Lymphodema. The lady was saying massaging your scar is essential to improve the sensations in the area and break fown hard bits. So ive been using bio oil and nivea lotion on my scars and massaging them. To be honest I don’t like the feel of them but massaging them is helping me get used to it. X

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Blimey I better get on it. I was more worried about putting chemicals on it because I’ll be starting Radiotherapy soon. Thanks for the advice xxx

Use something unperfumed and be gentle. When radiotherapy starts i think they advise you to moisturise before and after. Mine hasnt started yet so not sure when or what to use for rads, but on radiotherapy threads there are lots of posts about what creams to use. Good luck x

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