Exhausted and worried


I have been up most of the night worrying about the lump I found in my breast . Waiting anxiously for weds appointment at the hospital. Ok so I am 46 and have a lump fairly close to my aereola but when laid down in slightly about there. It’s quite hard . It’s quite bumpy in that area and worried its cancer. I am panicking and know I should try to be calm but I just can’t ! Is this a common place to get cancer . I’ve been reading all sorts . This waiting seems to be the worst bit 



Well the good thing is that you have an appointment.  We can all relate to the anxiety you are experiencing whilst waiting to see someone, it is the pits but you are nearly there.


Please please keep away from googling generally as there is a lot of out of date and misinformation out there, which as you have found can terrify the living daylights out of you.


There are a lot of benign breast conditions so it doesnt mean that you have breast cancer,but it will only be once you have seen the breast clinic team that you will know properly. Even IF it is bc the treatment today is very good and as you will see on here there are lots of ladies who have been through treatment, like myself, and come out the other side happily carrying on with life.


I know it is easier said than done but try not to worry and keep yourself distracted until Wednesday as you will only exhaust yourself. 



It really is not possible to find out what it is from google, so… breathe … step away & try & distract yourself.
You’ve done all you need to & hopefully all will be well anyway.
As ever it is the uncertainty of not knowing that sends the anxiety monster roaring, but no matter what the outcome, it never is as bad as we imagine.
Chances are, all will be well anyway.
You’ll get there, we all do.
ann x

Hi Juju,
Thanks so much for getting back to us, it is so helpful for others & delighted all’s ok, it usually is & if it is bc, it’s not the end of the world either.
ann x