Expander Discomfort

Hi everyone,

I had a mastectomy with temporary expander a month ago. It’s half filled at the moment and I’m due to have top ups.

However it’s really uncomfortable near my cleavage, sometimes worse than others but always there. It’s like I can feel the edge of the implant. The port moving around doesn’t bother me although it is an odd sensation.
I’m due for top ups but I’m worried this will make the pain worse. I’m happy with the look of it as it is, because it’s half full my cleavage has a natural look.

I guess I have 2 questions. Firstly has anyone experienced this pain? Secondly do you think inflating it will make the discomfort better or worse?

thank you xx


You could maybe post your question in the Ask the nurses section of the forum too ? If you have a breast care nurse you could also ring them for advice ? Hope you feel more comfortable soo .

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