Expander / implant or LD flap???

I had a right mx last year and finished chemo in January of this year. To get to the next stage I have decided to go for reconstruction. I have been advised to go for the LD flap as you have a more natural look. I am a little put off by the length of the operation and the recovery time. Has anyone got any experience of just the implant and what sort of look you get after and what the recovery is like. I think if I went for this I may also have to have a reduction. Hope you can help x

Hi I had mx with tissue expander implant on 8th August. The recovery was slower than I expected. I had a drain in for a week and I needed pain killers for a couple of weeks. I only started driving this week and my car is an automatic. The result is good, I’m pleased. I’ve had one fill of the tissue expander, so it almost matches the size if my other boob. I’m a 32A so the implant is quite obvious, in that is higher than the other side and very round. I still have some soreness but also numbness. Luckily my nipple was preserved. In clothes you wouldn’t know I’ve had an op. I have a scar around the nipple, one across from my sternum to my nipple and a large one around underneath the breast. My big decision is whether to stay like I am or have more fluid filled into the implant and then another implant on the other side, making me one cup size bigger. Good luck with your decision x

Hi Popps

I had right MX with skin saving fixed implant reconstruction on the 29th of August. Was in hospital for 4 days and everything went well. I am still very much getting used to it , but I think it is a good result, given I’ve not actually looked yet without a dressing on! My BCN said it has healed well though and my scar is quite neat. It is rounder and fuller looking than my natural breast, but I may also still have some swelling. It is much firmer, and there is not a lot of sensation there, except around the edges. 3 weeks on I am still sore and tender feeling and bruised, but it’s not excruciating. I do the exercises which I guess you would have done also, as I can’t straighten my arm properly yet. I do feel a pulling sensation when stretching with the exercises but my BCN said this is ok, as long as it’s not painful. I don’t feel confident to drive just yet, and think I need to be a bit more patient and let my body heal as it needs to. I read other recovery rates as 6 weeks, but I would think it a bit longer to be honest. Everyone is different though. Talk it through as many times as you need to with your nurse and doctor, and don’t pressure yourself to make a decision. Whatever you decide, it will be right for you.

Take good care x