Expander implants so hard - 3 weeks after op


I have a bi lateral reconstruction 3 weeks ago using expander implants.

They are really hard,and feel massive, even though I know they are not! and feel alien to me. Is this normal? do they soften up?

Any thoughts greatly appreciated.



Hi Crystal
Had my left breast reconstructed with LD flap and expander implants on 31st March this year.
Don’t worry my breast is soft and feels normal now. It did take 3 months in my case before it softened.
Sue xx

Hi Crystal,

Sorry In my experience it didn’t get any softer / easier. i have one after left MX in January - now fully inflated and awaiting change over to permanent silicone implant. It still feels completly alien and has never “dropped” Someone else comments that it feels like a brick on their chest - i agree.

I am hopeful however that the change over should be an improvement, i’ve been told it will be softer and cosmetically much better. You don’t say whether yours are saline or silcone at the moment?



Glad that you are happy with yours, do your implants feel as comfortable as your breasts did?
Does this mean that you will not have the expanders removed and replaced with silicone?
Thanks xx

My expanders are saline.
Is it normal procedure to have expanders changed over to silicone?
Good luck with your change over.
xx Crystal

Hi I agree with lynvee I had immed recon, last Oct. and my implant as never felt right, is as never dropped and does feel like I have a brick on my chest too.

I am waiting to go back in and have it removed and have a silicone implant fitted , Can’t have the up-lift yet until he feels it as taken,I was told that having radiotherapy can make it harder.

As anyone had experience of this and did they find the silicone one more softer and feel a bit more natural ?

Ann x

hi ive just had mine done 2 weeks ago and hard and my bra sits on the bottom of it as my other side is huge but mine has just been done as a temporary measure to stretch the skin before having double recon. good luck x

Hi Crystal,
I had a mx left in July and a temp expander fitted. It has 500ml of saline in and Yes it feels like a brick. Presume that it will drop soon! Had the right recon at the same time, but Doc says right is to saggy. Feels like I got 1 breast in my neck and the other by my belly!! Sure it will be sorted out in time.

Pauline xx