Expat corner - French connection anyone?


I’ve recently relocated to France and am now receiving treatment here.

I’ve noticed a few others mention that they are here too and I would be interested in hearing about their experiences.

I was also wondering if I had any near(ish!) neighbours? (I’m in the Languedoc).




I don’t live there all the time, but I have a house in the Languedoc. I’m in the process of retiring and will be spending more time there. All my treatment though has been in England so probably not of interest.


Hi Jojo

Thanks for replying! (I’m in Aude, by the way).

Are you intending to become a French resident?



Hi, yes there is a good few of us on here that live in France. I have been living in Brittany for almost 9 years now. I found the service and treatment i have recieved second to non.
I have a brilliant onc team and trust them 110%. If you need any drugs (no matter what the cost) you get what you need. The french health care system is in trouble and have had some recent shake ups making it harder for people to joing the system.
How are you finding your tretament so far?

Hi, Pineapple

I have, by and large, been very pleased with my treatment so far. I’ve particularly appreciated being able to have things done so quickly and how approachable all the hospital staff, no matter what their position, are. (OH loves the free parking, too!) My GP has been fantastic, very pro-active, on my behalf.

Hi Bahons, Pineapple and Jo Jo

As you know I too am in France, but I just thought I would post in case we can start up a little expat community here.

I’m near Sarlat in the Dordogne.


Hi everyone, oh yes i forgot about the free parking AND dont forget the FREE TAXI’S to all your appointments! We are very lucky haing the health service here and my mum said " its bad enough you have BC but thank god you are in France" , its funny they are so behind the times in such a lot yet in medical matters about the best in the world - lets hope it remains.

Yes, they seem to have their priorities right when it comes to healthcare - and they seem to do so much with so few people, as well. My doctor’s surgery is open Mon to Sat, including evenings. There are three doctors in all, only ever one (lovely) receptionist on (and sometimes the surgery runs wihout one altogether for a morning!) and not a computer in sight. Fascinates me, I must say.



Has anyone had any experience of obtaining travel insurance as a French resident and as someone who has been treated for bc ?

Was it:

Harder? Easier? Impossible? Cheaper/more expensive than you expected?

(We are hoping to travel outside the EEA next year, fingers crossed (as always))

Any thoughts/input gratefully received.


Hi, i have asked various assurance companys and they say that in France not only no we not have a BCN but you cant buy travel insurance! aparently it doesnt exsist. To obtain it i think you have to just buy the one you get from a holiday if you buy a package one but you cant if its on its own. If you have your carte vitale then this is supposed to give you automatic coverage from any EU country but i dont know what you would do if traveling outside.

Hi Pineapple

Thanks for the quick reply.

I have an EHIC, Carte Vitale, Mutuelle, etc, so no probs really travelling in Europe.

I have seen " Assurance Voyage" on adverts on websites (including my bank’s) and in insurance companies’ windows around town here, but haven’t done anything about it yet (it’s a bit early), but was just wondering if anyone else had any experience of arranging this.


No, i have just tried before when traveling Eu and Turkey and they just say there isnt any and you cant get it. I have only seen it when its included in the package hols.
Can you let me know the details if you get it sorted please.Thanks.

Hi Pineapple - I will certainly post again if/when I find out more about what’s offered here.

By the way, I have actually just had an e-mail from miaonline and they have told me that they will cover British passport holders living in France, so that may be another option.



Slightly different topic:

I am currently shopping around for quotes for health cover for next year.

Does anyone have any recommendations for a ‘mutuelle’, or any that should be avoided?




HI, we have ours with CA, to be honest we didnt shop around for it because we were ripped off abit with generali with house & motorbike insurance so we moved everything (apart from cars) over to CA. We pay about 70 Euros and thats for 4 of us and thats not the bottom tier either. They pay about 40 euros per day (or might be abit more) towards my single room in hosp and pay most of our dental stuff too.
They decided to pay over 300 euors last year towards my wig but did say it was a one off and they wouldnt be doing it again.

Hi Pinapple

Thanks for that, I take it that by CA you mean Credit Agricole? We did ours through them are are currently with a company called Pacifica.

We are paying more than you - I know the premiums are heavily age-weighted and I went for the top tier last year. Am shopping around a lot more this time!



Yes, Credit Agricole and its also Pacifica. We took ours out about 9 years ago, just the eco tier, bt then when i needed afew crowns etc they suggested i up it for a year to cover that which i did. We didnt change it back down then i needed a hysterectomy, so wanted my own room and then 2 years later BC so again didnt want to share my room with another person. The day i checked in i was abit distraught as they said they didnt have any single rooms left. However, they said that there wast anyone else in my room so unless they had an imergency i would have it all to myself. I had it to myself and so didnt get charged the extra bit for having a single.
When we took it out we were just turned 40 and the kids were just 12 and 14 so dont know how that compares with your CA costs.

Hi again, Pineapple. We are paying quite a bit more than you, but I think the loading is mainly on account on my husband’s age - I’m 52 and he is 15 years older.

I’m almost certainly going to change mutuelle - nearly every quote from other companies for next year comes in at less than we paid Pacifica this year! And Pacifica themselves won’t give me a quote at all until 15th Dec, which I’m not comfortable with, as it doesn’t leave much time to get everything in place by 1st Jan.

Thanks for your help.



Hi All,
I have been reading this thread with interest as after owning a house in Brittany for 10 years we have finally moved over. I have taken early retirement and we have been here for only 6 weeks. That is long enough for us to know we do not want to go back. We will now need to do all the paper work as at the moment we are holidaying so to speak on with our E111 but will need to register soon, before I run out of letrozole.
I am very encouraged by reading that your experience of the French system is so good. We visited a friend in hospital in Guingamp last week and must say her room was the equivalent to private in England, it was spotless and the no fee parking was also welcome.
Best wishes.
Linda x

Hello Linda
I am 25 klms from Guingamp !!! in a town called Callac!
I had treatment etc at St. Brieuc in the ‘centre de excellence’ and it was like a luxury hotel. You could choose an al la carte menu if you wanted with wine or champagne !
Were are you ‘living’ lol now?