expecting bad news

  Sorry , I am having a wobble,  just been diagnosed with bone mets,  low volume   early srage ,  ok,  entered for trial,  ok  got my head round that one.  Then  also have been having physio  for trapped nerve in arm ??? for months,  today  , nurse says sending me for MRI to see what is casuing this  excruating arm pain and swelling,I think they are looking for a cancer somwhere in chest area  , or even in my reconn boob.  I am terrified. I have had neuro surgeon diagnose this as nerve entrapment and tennis elbow, to make things worse i fell on this arm last week so its even more painful and swelled now, I am hoping its a small fracture,  . I know the only way out is scans  but  its so scary is it.


Sorry ladies,  its all about  me me me,  dont know how we get through these times,its a wonder we dont all just combust due to stress levels.


any words of wisdom will be welcomed with open  arms,  even my gammy one xx


hugs to all xx

Hiya truffle shuffle.
As you haven’t had any replies yet from the more experienced ladies …I thought I would just send you some hugs and say I’m thinking of you.
We all have wobbles when its scan time or when we think our treatment isn’t working so I can understand how you are feeling right now.
The sooner you get scans and results …the quicker you will get the right treatment .
You say you have early bone Mets and once it’s all clarified you have every chance of a normal life again as many of the ladies here are still like Duracell bunnies !!
Sorry not much help.
Hugs though xx



i am really sorry I have no experience of the issues you are having ( I’m sure others we will be along soon) I am a recently diagnosed person, but I just didn’t want to pass by your thread without adding a reply. You sound like such a brave person, but even BIG wobbles are allowed, sharing your stresses and worries is the right way to go! Pain, such as in your arm, can be so draining in itself, without your other problems  added in. I am wishing you a fracture ( can’t believe I said that lol!) or nerve entrapment, and nothing more. Take care of yourself, it’s important that you do. 


Charys x

Hello Tuffle shuff

Sorry you are feeling so low. Facing MRI scans or any oher scan always brings fear please try not to get too stressed cancer loves stress and we can’t give into it. Have you got anyone you can talk to talking does help when you can share your feelings. Coming on here is a good move so many ladies have gone through the things you are getting. Your medical team will examine your scans and decide what treatment is best for you, If or when you know what they intend for you let us know and we can offer help and advice,


Join the ladies on bone mets just for a little light relief I am sure you will find someone to make you laugh,

But stop worrying and I hope your arm settles down soon sending love and hugs xxx

Sorry you’re having a wobble - which you’re allowed - but you’ve still got yr sense of humour. I can’t offer you any advice as not going through what you are but like the others I just wanted to offer you some support. Anita xx

 Well,  picture a lot clearer now,   I have mets in bone very small volume and as  I suspected secondary  in axilla,  something nasty had to have been causing all the nerve pain. Having Fulvestrant and going on  faction trial ? oh and Denosumab.



 Its been another one of those roller coaster months  as I was told mets in several places, then week later saw another doc and he said,  no  only in hip, I was over the moon.  Yesterday saw another doc who confirmed diagnosis of axilla ,and several mets though very small, having xrt to axilla and hip,  hope it helps with pain. I was upset to say the least communication seems to be non existant  so dont know what was being discussed at MDT ???.


 Anyway moaning wont change it now need pin to stop ,hope xrt does it, then hopefully  I can stop takig shed loads of pain killers. just praying for a few more years ,


  love to  all xx

Hiya truffle shuffle. Glad u have a treatment plan in place now so you can get off the roller coaster and focus on it all .
I don’t know much about the fulvestrant but I’m sure other ladies here will b able to help you on that.
The denosubam injection is easy …quick monthly jab in tummy or arm . Still can’t pronounce it so we all call it our bone juice!
As you have hip Mets you might like to join us on the bone Mets thread …it’s friendly and is a bit of fun sometimes.
At the moment we all on there have the same side effects of out treatments …SHOPPING.
In the meantime enjoy your weekend and relax .
Hugs xx

Dear truffle shuff

Try not to let yourself get down cancer loves stress don’t let it get to you. While I have not had the treatment that you will be on I am sure there will be ladies along to advice you about it. I cannot have hormone drugs because they will not work for me anymore since I was dx with 5 more bone mets. The first bone met was on the sacrum (spine) and then the others are now in the ribs both legs. I was told I have cancer cells all up my spine. Main tumour in chest wall with tissue met in breast but will I let the cancer beat me “NO” I intend staying around for a lot longer. If one treatment fails I know there are more they try. 

So chin up and don’t let the uggers get their own way. The radiotherapy will help to kill the pain I have been offered it but until it becomes unbearable I will wait.


Take care thinking of you (((((hugs))))) xxx

Sounds perfect enjoy your day xx

Hi truffle shuff(love your name btw!) I don’t know anything about the Faktion trial but I’ve been on Fulvestrant for 5/6 months and it was a doddle, just 2 injections in the backside once a month after a loading dose and I had no side effects. Sadly it didn’t work for long for me BUT I’ve had lots of hormonals already, hopefully it will work for a long time for you.

Im sure someone on the forum has been on your trial so they may be along soon. This is a roller coaster ride for everyone,I’m feeling wobbly this weekend as I don’t know what’s happening next for me…so we are all in the same boat. Boaty Macboatface maybe!!!


I typed you a lovely reply and then my phone died… so here we go again from the tablet.


Welcome to this family of kind and helpful ladies… firstly I am six months dx with bone Mets too and it’s the fear factor of every ache and pain. You are probably on a hormone therapy like letrozole or tamox and after a few months… can add aches and stiffness. Also are you having bone juice like denosumab?  I find that on day four to seven I get loads of extra aches.

Obviously you might like to get things checked out and like me. .Must be due for a ct scan soon to c how things are progressing.

I’m sure you will get some better replies from the more experienced ladies here that might offer better advice but stay here and keep posting to this thread as we are all here to help…day or night as most of us are awake at silly o clock or shopping online!!!

I will send hugs xxxxx

Hello Lidoire

Welcome to the forum sorry you have found yourself here but you are in the right place. You do not mention the treatment you are on I assume it will be a bone strengthener injection like Denosumab and a Hormone tablet like Tomoxifen or Letrozole. Sometimes you will find yourself feeeling tired washed out and generally lacking energy it isn’t uncommon. You need to get out into the sunshine try to walk or just potter around it doesn’t help when the weather is cold or dull. When I first started my “C” journey 3 1/2 years ago I was like you I started to take a supplement Borocca (not sure about the spelling) I now buy Boots own brand I do believe it helped to give me a little more energy and it isn’t anything drastic.

But don’t be hard on yourself listen to your body rest if it says you are doing too much and if you want to take your mind off it join the bone thread you will find ladies there to cheer you up.


Sending love and hugs xxx

Oh yes …Forgot to say I take a vit c tablet everyday and cod liver oil tablet .
Think reading other posts vit c can not be used if u are on chemo though ?
I have not had a cold or even the sniffles this winter so maybe it’s either luck or the vit c. I try to drink plenty of water too.
Hugs xxx

Hi all,

I’m very new to this site… So sorry to hear your diagnoses you are entitled to have a wobble and your so Wright when you say “it’s a wonder we don’t combust due to the stress levels”.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer October 2015, the usual chemo , lumpectomy , now awaiting my planning session for radiotherapy!!! But I have also found out I’m TN… Therefore awaiting genetic testing!!! Plus if that isn’t enough I have just found a lump under my arm on the opposite side? Have to have this fully investigated but I’m expecting its bad news…?

I am really worried , reading all the posts does help!! 

Welcome to our family on the secondary site where we all ride a large roller coaster but manage a laugh and a giggle sometimes on the bone Mets thread.
At the moment its still squeaky bum time for you as you are waiting for results. Always difficult but we will all send you positive vibes
You have done the hardest bit …chemo and rads will b a lot easier …thinking of you but please keep visiting us here for support.
Sending good vibes .

Hello truffle shuffle.
Well no wonder you are all over the place with so much going on ! Rads for the hips will help ( I had a blast on mine) but as far as the other things I can’t be much help.
The main thing is to get a definate dx of what is actual going on so you can focus on treatment do you have an oncologist appointment booked ?
Take someone else with you and a list of questions and try to get some sensible answers.
Hope this helps a little bit during a really bad time for you.
Hugs xx