Experience of being treat at hub due to covid


I was diagnosed 2 weeks ago and I am now waiting for an appointment at one of the London cancer hubs as part of the new covid arrangements (rather than having surgery locally). Interested to hear of others experiences of the arrangements, especially how long it took for your appointment to come through. I’m expecting to have surgery in a weeks time but still no appointment. 

Hi Stayzen, 

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Sorry to read no one’s responded to it yet, hopefully someone will be along to pick up the conversation soon.

In the meantime, you could call our helpline on 0808 800 6000 where our specialist nurses can support you. They are available between 9am-4pm from Monday-Friday, and 9am-1pm Saturday. Alternatively, you could post on the Ask Our Nurses section of the Forum: forum.breastcancernow.org/t5/Ask-Our-Nurses/ct-p/Asknurses

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I can’t help with London, but I was diagnosed in March and still don’t have a date for my surgery, due to the virus. Fingers crossed you don’t have to wait as long as I am!


I had my surgery two days ago in London (outsourced to a private hospital) Couldn’t have had better care. Covid screening prior to op and dropped off and collected from the door. The bit I did miss was the physical presence of my husband before and after surgery as no family allowed to visit. Definitely makes it harder but I totally understand the reason. 
best wishes 


I’m in Scotland so the timings might be different. I was given results and had mastectomy less than a week later. All very fast. Think I was very lucky as surgery was just restarting after a lengthy gap.