Experience on herceptin

Im 27yrs old girl with grade 2 breast CA. Two surgeries done. Now on chemotherapy. I got triple positive breast cancer. Theres a plan to have herceptin too. Some one pls tell me about the experiences when taking herceptin

Hi @Sandru ,

Thanks for sharing your experience. We’re sorry you haven’t had a reply yet, hopefully someone will come along soon to share their experience with Herceptin. You may find this thread helpful: forum.breastcancercare.org.uk/t5/Chemotherapy/12-Weekly-Taxol-Herceptin/m-p/433650#M36365.

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Laura at Breast Cancer Care

Hi, sorry I don’t have any answers but I’m interested too. Just recently been told I need to start on this. I’m more worried about the chemo right now so would be useful to hear your experiences?