Experiences of aprepitant?

Hi Everyone hope I have posted this in the right place.
I have had 3 cycles of FEC75 and was badly affected by the steroid (dexamethasone) which gave me insomnia and a very unpleasant restless mind, even when the dose was resuced to 2mg for the second cycle.
So last cycle I just had ondanstetron and domperidone but the vomiting and nausea was a lot worse, lasted about 4 days.
Am considering aprepitant (emend) for next cycle but a bit apprehensive about the possible side effects (“confusion about place, identity and time”!?)
The onc said we could try it.
I would be grateful to hear of anyone’s experience of this drug as I’m not sure whether to risk the side effects or put up with the sickness and nausea for the remaining 3 cycles- I was only vomiting for about 24hrs then nauseous for a few more days . I’m still sort of dreading the rest of the chemo as I hate feeling so toxic…
Thanks in advance for any replies,

I have had emend for my 3 cycles so far and no problems at all with it.  


It’s a very good anti-sickness drug so worth trying if you are having issues with the steroids.

Thanks for the replies. It’s good to hear that others hAve had good experiences of it. It was from reading threads on here that I heard of it and asked the oncologist about it, someone said they don’t usually offer it as first choice because it’s expensive. I wouldn’t have known to ask for it without this forum.

I think I will ask to try it next time and see how I get on.

Thanks again


I have been having emend too, had it twice now as the first few cycles of chemo were pretty bad for nausea. It seemed to work better the second time as hardly any nausea at all.
Certainly no adverse side effects havent wanted to eat much but I dont think I would have anyway!
I would recommend and also ondonsatron is good too.
Good luck Emma

I was sick after my first session of chemo, so the doctor recomended I had Apretitant/Emend - Must say I’m so glad I tried it!!


Still felt a bit “bleurgh” with it, but wasn’t actually sick, and that feeling only lasted for a day or so - Was back to being able to eat and not bring it back up within a day - and I found if I did feel sick, sucking on a peppermint sweet helped to settle my stomach - I also bought some travel anti-sickness bands, and have been wearing them today (had my 3rd treatment yesterday) and I feel fairly normal!!


Just have to take another Emend today and tomorrow - also got some dexamothasine(?) to take twice a day for 3 days, the steroid anti-sickness - didn’t have any trouble with them last time, just felt a bit heartburn-ish but got some Gaviscon for that as well, which also helped!


Hope that helps you xx