Experiences with the Femera brand of Letrozole

I have been prescribed the Femera brand of Letrozole for 5-10 years and was wondering if anyone is doing well on this brand? I’ve read a lot of not so positive experiences with Letrozole and would love to hear something positive! There seems to be a variation on reactions to it & the different brands taken seems to be a big part of this.

I’m starting it on Friday, I’m 68 so also wondering if being being post menopausal gives different reactions to it? 

Thanks, Aileana

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I’m not on Femara but I do know that Femara is not routinely prescribed due to its price, the NHS indicative price of Femara is £90 per box as it is the original letrozole, all other brands are the generics. I was given my first box of letrozole, Manx brand, by the hospital pharmacy. My surgery has its own pharmacy and I informed the pharmacist that I had Manx however they have been supplying me with Accord brand which has a NHS indicative price of £3.48 per box!