Extra lump found after mastectomy

Had a mastectomy 2 weeks ago.
Went back yesterday for my results.
4 lymph nodes removed no cancer but then the bombshell.
I was originally being treated for a ductal cancer but after it had been looked at they also found a lobular cancer hiding behind the original lump. I am absolutely gobsmacked. It wasn’t picked up on mammogram scan or biopsy.My surgeon said that’s because it’s a sneaky cancer!!!
I’m now waiting up to 5 weeks to see if I need chemo as they may need to oncotype the lump. I just don’t know what to think. I definitely didn’t expect this. Any lovely ladies out there that have experienced this and can try to calm me down :pray:

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Hi Clobo1
Similar happened to me but unfortunately 5 of my lymph nodes where also infected. One lump hiding behind the other. Cancer is so very cunning. At least they found them. Try not to worry too much (easier said than done I know) at least they are doing additional tests to make sure they get your treatment right. Sending you a virtual hug :hugs: I have just been for my twelve month mammogram but was also given an mri to double check so hopefully you will be reassured too.

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Thanks Chrissy.
Hugs to you too.

I had lobular BC, treated by a lumpectomy, and I did a lot of research before the meeting to discuss chemo or not. Sadly there is much less info than for the far more common ductal - but there is evidence that it’s not particularly receptive to chemo. However, lobular does tend to be highly oestrogen receptive so responds well to endocrine therapy (tamoxifen, anastrozole etc). ‘Sneaky’ is the word my surgeon also used - two really tiny tumours but it had still spread to one sentinel node so I had all axillary nodes removed. And the larger tumour only showed on ultrasound, not mammo. An MRI before surgery found the smaller tumour. Although you will be reeling from shock, and recovering from major surgery, do find someone to help with research so that you are well informed before talking to onco. My experience is that treatment for lobular BC is often evidenced from ductal studies but it is very different. Good luck and big hugs :hugs::hugs::hugs:

Hello. Sorry that you’ve experienced this. You’re not alone at all. I’d had cysts for years. Then a routine mammogram raised concerns so i had a scan and biopsy. That showed one small tumour hidden behind a cyst. A precautionary MRI followed which found a second tumour tucked even further away! So it’s not uncommon for investigations to take you down a different route.
It was lobular BC which I’ve also heard called sneaky. But it also tends to be slow growing which gave me some comfort.
The main thing is that it’s been picked up and can now be treated. Keep positive if you can. Best wishes x

Thank you for your reply. It really helps me to know I’m not on my own x

Thank you so much. Sending hugs to you too.

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The waiting is nerving! Sadly enough, or good for other things, we can’t control time so try (as difficult as it sounds) to live the day to the max. One step at a time. Do something you enjoy a lot, maybe something you haven’t had time to do until now, a bit each day.

Wishing you all the best!:hugs: