Extreme tiredness

I was diagnosed with breast cancer nearly a month ago and I start chemotherapy treatment next week. I already feel so tired all the time and I don’t even know if this level of tiredness is normal. And I worry how tired I could possibly feel when chemotherapy starts when I’m already constantly tired. Has anyone else felt like this before treatment and is it a normal feeling being this tired before treatment.

If you have had surgery or radio   - I presume this is your body still healing itself

If not - then, yes, this is normal with the stress of it all.  Be gentle and good to yourself…

So sorry Naomi


Speak with your doc asap and ask for blood tests to be done, I assume they would do this everytime before chemo anyway as it determine if and what dose can be given.


I have felt very tired after the op and I am not fully recovered from that, I don’t think treatment for radiotherapy starts (when required) unless wounds are fully healed and feeling well enough for treatment, I would think same for chemo treatment.  Perhaps chat with the specialist team about your concerns.


I think the tiredness is something that does occur in order to make us slow down and rest so healing can happen.  Just listen to what your body needs but do chat with the medics as well.


Sending you feeling better wishes for today and everyday.