exu drains

I had mastectomy on 3rd May with aux node clearace,came out of hospital the next day with two drains in and instructions with district nurse that they were to be take out when they were 30ml or less for two consecutive days or 14 days post op, Had one drain taken out on Tuesday so I guess the other should be

coming out today but its was 40 ml yest and looks like about same today, nurse said it will be out today regardless of whats in the drain bag as that was the BS orders were and all surgeons do things differently,am wondering where the excess fluid will go ,do we absorb it all ,thanks xx

well nursey just been ,lovely lady,drain was measuring 60 ml today so she decided it best to leave it in as its the drain from the armpit,so they just going to review it every day and am back in the breast clinic on monday,I am happy to keep it as I do have a fluid swelling where my bra strap would go round under the arm,so nurse said I have to really do load of exercises , hugs to all xx

Glad you had good nurse and drain is in still doing it’s job, hope the fluid starts to reduce and you can have it out soon. Keep in touch and good luck, Julie x