Eye mets

Hi,  I was diagnosed with spine, rib and lung mets in January 2015, it took till April 2015 to sort out whether or not my lung was SBC or primary lung cancer.  I am now on zoladex (having my ovarie out in Feb) armidex and demosub injections for my bones. 


I have now been diagnosed with 2 eye mets and wondered if anyone else has had this, and what treatment have you had.  So ft I have had radiation to my eye and waiting to go back see the specialist at Moorfields. 


Any my advice would be welcome.


Pippie ?

Hi pippie, I’m sorry I can’t help you re eye mets but hopefully someone will be along soon who can offer some help and advice.  In the meantime if you want to hook up with some more ladies then the bone mets thread is very active and you’d be more than welcome to come and join in.  I know it says bone mets but lots of ladies pop in there regardless of diagnosis.


huge hugs,



Hi Pippie

I know your post is a few month old but I was told on Monday that I have a tumour behind my eye and the eye doctor said he’s almost certain it is breast cancer mets. That’s all he would tell me and said my oncologist would be in touch. I know she has his letter but I’m still waiting for a call! I’m getting myself stressed as I NEED to know what happens now but no one is telling me. I was only dx with primary Feb 15 and am not even a year from end of treatment. I hope you are doing well xxx