Eye problems

Hi All,


My mum’s taking hormone treatment (Exemestane after trouble with Letrazole) and is having BIG problems with her eyes, swollen, mattering, blurry vision and pain. She’s had the problems on both hormones, but the eye doctor says it’s not related to the drugs.

Is anyone else suffering from similar problems?







Has your mum contacted her oncologist to see what they about it. 



Hi Joe

I was on Exemastane and had multiple side effects acheing joints particularly hands and wrists.

However my eyes were so sore very red and uncomfortable all the time, mentioned it to BC nurse and although they had said none of my symptoms were drug related  she rang back and told me to stop taking them immediately and get my eyes tested. This I did Optician said my eyes were extremely dry and I needed eye drops and that it was probably related to the  Exemastane.

I stopped taking them as my GP said to have a break as all my discomfort was drug related, this was last May, my eyes are only now feeling better.

If your Mum is having the Infusions this also effects the eyes, its not easy but I have decided not to take it as life was very miserable . Sending best wishes hope this helps.