Eye strain

Just had first cycle of FEC-T chemotherapy last Wednesday and my eyes feel strained and watery, just wondering if anyone else had similar symptoms.

Hi Diana - I’ve recently had my second dose of FEC and I have eye problems for a couple of days each time, a few days after the chemo. The eyes want to close all the time, feel dry (drops don’t help for long), the head feels full of a dark fog and I have to go round the place switching on extra lights! I don’t know if it’s the chemo or accompanying meds (steroids?) but it eventually goes away. Good luck.

Hi all
I’m the same. I’m TAC 2 day 15 and although I had it after my first lot of chemo it only lasted a few days. This time round my eyes and nose just won’t stop running and my eyes just feel really sore. I look as though I’ve been crying! It seems to be worse when I’m outside in daylight, it really puts a strain on them.
Marie x