Eye Tests on Chemo

Morning i have noticed that my sight mainly my reading has deteriorated since starting chemo, i have shocking sight and have worn glasses since childhood. This might be a coincidence but i was wondering if it effects sight too.

Hi Megsmum,

Yes, chemo does affect your eyes. From what I’ve read it’s something to do with the changes in the fluid levels in your body? But don’t quote me! I finished chemo in Jan and I’m going for my eye test this week end. They say to give yourself time for them to settle down before getting them tested.

Hope you get on ok


I am aware that I am having to wear my reading glasses alot more since chemo. I only got them about a year ago and for the first few months barely wore them.
I only really got them when I struggled to thread a needle doing name-labels for school uniform. Then I needed when my eyes were tired or I was in bad light. I am wondering whether I need them more now because I am always tired. I am giving my body a few months to settle down before I head to the opticians.

I agree, i think my sight has changed since starting my chemo, because of this i have put off having an eye test until its all finished. .
gill x