Hello ladies,


Just looking some advice or your experience on the old eyebrows, or lack thereof.


I’m 6 weeks post-chemo & starting to feel much more like myself, but my eyebrows still seem to be disappearing!  I think this is actually worse than no eyelashes!  When oh when oh when do you think they might start to come back?  & do you have any secret lotions & potions which might speed it up?  I’m bridesmaiding in July & am determined not to be “poor wee Jane with cancer”.


Having read some of the other threads, I realize that this is such a small insignificant thing, & I feel guilty even posting about something so minor, but I’ve gone & done it anyway.


Grateful for any advice on offer - thanks ladies.



Hi, I don’t post much as I am now almost 4 years past treatment, however I can feel your pain.  For me losing my eyebrows was worse than losing my hair as it made my head look like an egg.  As I don’t wear much make-up pencil in ones looked daft also.

I found some great false eyebrows that looked totally natural as they are made from real hair.  If you search on the internet and look up nu-brow you should find them.  You basically put them on with eyebrow glue and no-one would ever know.

As I didn’t wear a wig, just scarves they were a godsend to me as they looked very real.

Hope that helps.


It’s not insignificant because it’s something that shows on the outside. I found eyelashes harder to lose than eyebrows. I finished chemo in September 2012 but my eyelashes have not grown back to their previous length. My eyebrows are back though. They started to grow back after about three months. I don’t know of anything that speeds growth of them. Eyelash growth can be increased by bimaprost. This is a prostaglandin that is used to treat glaucoma and does have side effects. Most GPs don’t feel comfortable prescribing it.
Re bridesmaiding, I would have thought your eyebrows should certainly be on their way back if not fully back…

Thank you ladies!  It’s always so good to hear someone who has come out the other side!


While I’ve got you though…  What about eyelashes; how long did it take them to come back?  I’m slathering them in a lotion I got off amazon, or rather the skin where they should be, but everything seems to be taking soooooooooo loooooooong!!!  & I am also growing tired of the egg look!  (Or sometimes more of a grelim that’s been left out after dark; depends how bad a mood I’m in!)


Thank you again.


There is a girl on youtube called EyelineHer. she has alopecia and has some great hints and how to videos.  Well worth a look 

MY eyebrows continued to fall out after I finished chemo and now 6 months on they still have not returned to their pre chemo thickness. Not too worried at the moment as still having to wear my wig as my hair is still only about half an inch long and so wig fringe covers my eyebrows. My eyelashes have grown back fine though so it seems really strange to me as to why my eyebrows haven’t. May have to look into false eyebrows so reading this thread and finding they exist has been helpful. Hope yours grow again soon and in time for you being a bridesmaid.

Hi folks,


I’m almost a year post-chemo now & my lashes & brows are back!  I used revitalash & revitabrow & they worked wonders!  (I know it was them because I did a “control eye”, so had 1 particularly fluttery eye for a long time :slight_smile: )


They’re expensive, but they do work, so I suppose it depends how much it worries you, but i’d say my lashes are probably now in better shape than pre-chemo!  Brows have a bit to go yet, but they’re getting better all the time.





Here’s a link;




I really couldn’t speak highly enough of them.  As I said, there was a definite difference in the eye i used them on & the one I didn’t, so it really sped up my starting to look human again!


I hope for a speedy recovery fo you,