Eyebrow regeneration!

Hello all out there!

I know this may seem a trivial kind of topic, condsidering some of the more serious threads being posted, but I wondered if anyone had any words of wisdom for my “problem”.

I’ve had 2 full courses of chemo. in the last 3 years and this, coupled with a nervous habit I’ve had for many years of pulling out my eyebrow hairs, has left them almost non-existent. I wondered if anyone knew of anything which could make the hairs grow a bit more? This or any other eyebrow tips would be appreciated!

Love, Sarah.

somepeople have eyebrows tattooed on i know q few folk who have had it and its really effective.

i have the opposite problem with a susan boyle monobrow

it started growing back in before i even finished chemo.


if you have a look on this site maybe under publications you can order a booklet called look good feel better its full of info on how to redraw your eyebrows,wigs,makeup etc.mine are just begining to grow back,but the best bit for me is being able to use some mascara again,i never went anywhere with out my eyes and when i lost my lashes i thought i just looked so horrid.i have also got a baby brush to coax my hair to grow .


I like to ask a question about hair growth.
I finished chemo end of November, my hair, eyebrows and eyelashes are growing back but not as thick as before.
My hair growth is between half and two inches long but not as thick on top as before and has much more grey. Eyebrows and eyelashes are also not as thick.

Has this happened to anyone else at the begining of re-growth, is it likely to stay like this or is there any hope for more to arrive at a later stage?

I’m going to promise my eyelashes that if they grow nicely I’ll not go out of the house until they’ve been dressed up with mascara. Afraid in recent years I haven’t bothered but I will now!!!


Lesley x