Eyebrows and Eyelashes falling out again!!!

Hi Everyone

I’m a bit confused and upset that my eyebrows and eyelashes are falling out again! I finished chemo end of November, 5 months ago so really didn’t expect this. I’ve loved having them back.

I’m worried if I’ve missed some important bit of advice like not wearing make up or special cleansers or something???

Anyone else had this happen or any top tips?



Oh no that’s terrible!!! I’m just finished myself and can’t wait for them to come back…

Sounds weird to me, how’s your hair? I’d go see the doc, see what he/she makes of it…

Hi Hannah
Really sorry to hear that this is happening now, did you loose them during treatment and they came back and have now gone again

hi hannah, im only ere due 2my mum avin bc,but i hold my hand up+say i have lost all my hair,my eyebrows+eyelashes.this happened bout 4years ago through stress,it became alopecia-areata the worst u can get. ther really was no cure 4this,as nothin at all worked,no cream,no cleansers,nothin,patience+fresh air was about all that worked…4years on my hair’s back as normal+a bit lighter than they were my eyebrows are back+my eyelashes too…

good luck 2 u+i hope they return just as they wer b4 ur treatment x x take care x x

Hi Hannah - So sorry to hear about this. I finished chemo 4 weeks ago, but no sign of regrowth of eyelashes/eyebrows yet. The few remaining eyelashes still seem to come out or break very easily. As far as I know you have not missed some helpful advice, I think you are just being very unlucky. People do say that the chemo hangs about in the body for a long time, and hopefully they will grow again soon. Good luck!

Hello Hannah,

This has happened to me too. Finished Taxotere on 11/5/2007, started Herceptin and Tamoxifen. Lashes and brows came back wonderfully well in early July, but began falling out again in October. They didn’t go completely - just thinned dramatically so that I couldn’t wear mascara on the 5 or 6 pathetic bottom lashes… Since then they have gone through cycles of coming and going.
As to answers for this, I’ve had a few. Firstly, as “normal” lashes have a 6 week growth and fall out, we should expect some loss, but it seems that it takes some time for our bodies to re-learn the normal cycle and a lot go all at once, instead of individually. Sounds logical, but I’ve noticed that the greatest loss is always in the same places.
Scoured the net and found an American Herceptin website and 2 women who reported exactly the same loss I’m having. Having no 14 of 18 next week, so the end is near. Are you having Herceptin?
Oncologist suggested that this “thinning” is Menopausal related, as brows/ lashes thin as we get older. How cheery.
As I’m obviously too vain, I mentioned it to the GP and she immediately asked if I had had my Thyroid checked recently. Turns out I have an over-active thyroid and have just had Radio-active Iodine treatment yesterday. Both over and under active Thyroid can result in hair loss, so you may want to get that checked. ( With my usual luck I was one of the 20% who didn’t loose weight with an overactive Thyroid, nor did I pass Go…)
So, what do I do about it? Have bought French eyelash and eyebrow stuff. If you Google “lipocils”, you’ll find it. I’ve been using it since Christmas and the lashes have never been as bad as October. Is it working or are they just sorting themselves out? Don’t know and I’m not going to stop using it just in case!
As to dealing with what little you’ve got (as they’re still thin) someone on this site led me to Jica Lash Extension Treatment. This is a Cosmetic, not a “treatment”.It’s got little fibres and really thickens the lashes. Apparently make-up artists use it all the time on photo shoots, so that’s why celebs’ lashes always look so good! You apply 1 coat of mascara (I use a “wet” runnier one for this) and then a coat of the Jica straight away while the lashes are still wet. Then you apply another coat of mascara to keep it in place and then I use a good build up mascara. (Obsessed? Moi?) I use it practically every day and I don’t think it’s harming the lashes in any way, as I don’t use it on the bottom ones and have equal problems with loss, top and bottom. I buy it on ebay and it’s not dear.
Perhaps I should have sent this as a PM and avoided exposure to all as vain in the extreme! Really, I don’t think it’s that trivial. I had a great wig and during chemo I felt that to the outside world I looked completely unremarkable until the lashes went. Then I felt “marked” and that the whole world knew about my illness, so I completely empathise with you.
Good luck with it and I hope it’s just a few weeks’ blip.x

I’m glad you didn’t put this on a PM and i dont think you are vain at all. Loosing my eyelashes was worse than loosing my hair, I felt that once they had gone I then looked ill and I really hated it. If you’ve got lovely eyes you can still look pretty even without any hair and I had fabulous long lashes before this. Lucky for me they have grown back really well which is more than I can say for my hair!!
Your advice is excellent and I will take note in case I have problems later.

Hi AJ,
I felt exactly the same as you re hair/eyelashes!
My hair has come back really well, but I’m taking a supplement from Jan De Vries (Very well known in this neck of the woods) It’s Swiss and this one is quite expensive, but as the hair is ok I’m not complaining! Have you seen Pineapple’s post about Brewer’s Yeast? I think it’s in “After treatment has finished” and entitled “you’ll never guess what!”

Hi all,

I’m another one with thinning brows and lashes, boo hoo. Finished last chemo 1st November 07, and was thrilled when I got them back…alas, in the last couple of weeks I have noticed them getting sparse.

I mentioned it to my oncologist who said it was due to the Arimidex surpressing female hormones, which didn’t cheer me up as I have 5 years of it still to go! I have also had 3 Herceptins.

I use Benefit’s BrowZings to give the impression of better brows, and a Maybelline mascara in a bright green container (can’t remember the name offhand), but it’s not the same as having the real thing!


Hi Hannah

Add me to the ladies with thinning brows and lashes. I finished chemo in Aug 07 and my hair is growing well and looks ok especially if I straighten it with my straighteners for short hair. I am taking Letrozole and have one more Herceptin to go. My eyes still have a chemo-ish look to them but I don’t want to take supplements to stimulate growth so I just use make-up to improvise.It’s amazing the difference it makes to have better defined brows.

Jibby x

Hi Everyone

Thank you all so so so much for all your helpful comments -such a big help! thought I was going mad. Alloway -I will check out all those things -thanks+++++ and what is the supplement you’re taking? and thank you justme -getting some benefit browzings tomorrow.

I’ve been meaning to ring the breast care nurse to see what she has to say about it but keep ‘forgetting’ -don’t want to hear any bad news at moment so a bit scared.

My hair was ok but last couple of days feels limp and itchy and hurts like it did before it fell out when started chemo so very very scared now that getting alopecia due to stress. Obviously having treatment for breast cancer is very stressful, but I found out when my baby was 7 weeks old and I had a 2 year old, so the last few months have been horrendously stressful.

Can’t go back to wearing a wig -can’t bear the thought.

I may be overreacting and imagining things though as in a bit of a panic about it. Eyebrows definately thin though and eyelashes nearly gone again.



Hi Hannah,

Hair stuff is called Priorin.

I also have that sore scalp feeling but the Breast Nurse said that it’s just that the follicles are still a bit “upset” from the chemo, but that it will go away. Like you I was absolutely paranoid because it does feel exactly the same as when the hair was falling out on chemo. I’ve had this sensation for at least a couple of months now but the hair is growing well, so please don’t worry!

My obsession knows no bounds, so I also did extensive research into false eyelashes and wore them for special occasions. After ruining several pairs and nearly blinding myself with the b…y glue, I phoned my local beauty salon. (No, I was not a regular. In fact, I’d never been before). I took a couple of pairs with me (as they usually only sell the individual lashes which need to be stuck onto existing lashes) and paid them for their time, teaching me how to put them on and get them off. Two lovely girls spent 45 minutes with me and trimmed them too, so that I didn’t look like Lily Savage. They charged me £5.00 and wouldn’t take any more. It may be worth a try if you’ve got a party coming up or just to make yourself feel better. What the hell - we’re worth it!

As to eyebrows, I did get away with using pencil, but many ladies here swear by the Browzings(?) If you put eyebrows in search, you’ll find them.

Oh G.g, another obsessive confession coming. One day, once upon a chemo time, I had a brain wave. I was watching TV and suddenly thought about actors wearing obviously false stick-on eyebrows. Somebody must sell them I thought (well reasonable looking ones, not werewolf’s) and I found and bought a pair from America. I can’t remember the web address, but if you’re interested I’ll go and find them and send you a PM, or post it publicly.

I think that’s it for my vanity confessions. I’m going to the burny fires for sure!!

Please don’t panic about your hair, as I’m sure it’ll be fine. As to the lashes/brows - ways and means.

Good luck and best wishes. x

I’m so glad I’ve just found this thread. I was starting to wonder what was going on with my eyelashes as they’ve suddenly thinned again. I finished chemo end March 08 and by mid July had lovely long thick eyelashes. I went to apply mascara yesterday and found more on my eyelids than on my eyelashes - just like when I was losing them the first time. Can anyone advise how long it takes for the 6 week growth cycle to settle down again?


Well, last chemo was 11/5/2007 and they’re still not back to normal yet. Have just finished Herceptin, so I’m hoping it was to blame and they’ll improve soon!

My Last chemo was May 07 herceptin x 18 and still only a few short lashes. My eyes are always watering as there is no protection. My eyebrows are so sparse as well… my hair is ok though. I don’t think they are ever going to come back as they were oh well love Eileen

I finished Chemo (Fec and Taxotere) in November 07, and have so far had 9 Herceptin and am on Arimidex. My eyelashes and brows are OK but not as plentiful as they were before treatment. I still use the BrowZings make-up and a fab Mascara by Maybelline, can’t remember the name, but the packaging is bright green.

Yours should start to grow again quite quickly, but may be not as lustrous as before.

Oh and I have a full head of extremely curly hair (t’was straight before) which I hate…but it’s better than no hair I suppose!


ive just found this thread on the search function and and know its ages since anyone posted but was wondering if alloway your eyelashes have improved at all since you finished herceptin? - as it must have been a few months now? i finished chemo in july 08 and am still on herceptin and also seem to be losing my eyelashes all over again - am so annoyed! am hoping your right and maybe its a combination of this 6wk lash cycle you talk about and the herceptin. would be really interested to hear how yours are doing now. and thankyou for all your confessions! - very honest and helpful and not vain at all!!
cesca xx

Hi Cesca,

I had my last Herceptin in August and feel that the hair, lashes , brows and nails are now growing much faster than they did while on it. The bottom lashes are still a bit sparse, but I haven’t noticed such an obvious 6 week big loss and re-growth, so I think the cycle is almost back to normal.

I think it’s a combination of slower growth on Herceptin and all our usual growth cycles being all to hell with the chemo!

Good luck with yours and I wish you a Happy Hairy New Year!

Thank you Cesca for resurrecting this thread. I finished chemo in August and was so pleased when mu lashes and brows came back but noticed just before Xmas that they appeared to be disappearing again - my OH thought I was imagining it - I thought it might be the mascara or cleansers etc (although I have only used simple stuff). I am not on herceptin as I am triple negative but the cycle growth theory sounds reasonable if they come back together they fall out together - atleast I am not going mad!!!
Regards & Thanks