Eyebrows - any advice best eyebrow product?

I have had 2 cycles of docetaxol and whilst I can cope with losing hair, now noticing that my already thin eyebrows are disappearing fast! Need to buy some make up to try and limit damage but not sure which is the best product - has anybody any advice? Thank you



A friend of mine whos a GP recommended boots eyelash serum which can also be used on brows, its pricey at £41 but has excellent reviews, Ive just ordered some. Benefit have a product called browtastic which is great for drawing on brows xx

Hi Porkie…I am 20 months post FEC-T and now on Anastrozole. My hair has grown back reasonably well, albeit quite thin, my eyelashes have returned, albeit a little shorter and more sparse. However, eyebrows are horribly thin and fair!!! Although this saves plucking, I have lost patience with their sluggishness! On a recent trip to the Ideal Home Show I tried ‘beautiful brows’ and although sceptical at first, some 3 hours later when they still looked pretty good I went back to the stall and bought a kit. Cost about £30 (probably more expensive online) but I have to say I have been delighted. I had tried a variety of pencils, brush on products and even ‘falsies’ which made me laugh as they looked like caterpillars(!) but this product has been the best so far. Hope that helps? X

Hi Porkie,


You might want to have a look at this web page




There are some great tips on make up in the booklet & DVD which you can request online. They also run workshops.


I hope this helps.


Lorna x





I have come across this blog which is really useful.
I had my second chemo last week, hair gone but still have eyebrows and lashes. I have had semi permanent makeup done to eyebrows and I love it.

Amazon do eyebrow make up and stencils really cheap in various shades

Google ‘henna penna’ I am halfway through and eyebrows are now sparse. Benefit and other products wear off during day but this doesn’t. It’s great. I paid £13 for the pen x

Thank you for this I’ve checked it out and her videos are brilliant!