eyebrows anyone?

hi girls. I’m new to this forum so please excuse me if I have missed an earlier reply to this query. I’m sure other people will have asked this before! my background  - I’m 65,  had quad/ectomy in Jan, grade 2 HER positive, no nodes though so pretty lucky there I suppose. I’ve sailed through tch chemo (finished end of June) apart from the odd day and have just finished rads with no ill effects so far.  Just have herceptin  to go till March. And I’m on letrazole.  Like some of you my legs are aching and I can’t do as much walking as I did, especially uphill.  

In the end I didn’t mind losing my hair and have learned to love my wig. My head hair is growing back slowly so perhaps I’ll have a head full by christmas! Couldn’t care less if leg and underarm hair doesn’t return. That will be a postive outcome from the ordeal.   Stupid thing is that my eyelashes and eyebrows were fine until 6 weeks after chemo finished when they started thinning and now have gone entirely.  Lack of eyelashes doesn’t bother me as I’m a dab hand with the eyeliner and wear tinted glasses anyway but no eyebrows is not a look I’m happy with. 

My question is : - does anyone have any advice or experience of eyebrow kits/pencils that do the job and are easy to apply. I have a stencil but the pencil that came with it is rubbish and doesn’t stay on for more than 5 minutes.  I can’t get to a LGFB session unfortunately and my skill with said eyebrow pencil leaves much to be desired despite Youtube.  Hoping for help! Thanks girls. Onward and upwards.  

Hi beachgran…there are a couple of threads about eyebrows…if you search (top right corner) under categories I thimk you should find a few with some great tips. My experience 25 months post FEC-T and now on Anastrozole. My hair has grown back reasonably well, albeit quite thin, my eyelashes have returned, albeit a little shorter and more sparse. However, eyebrows are horribly thin and fair!!! Although this saves plucking, I have lost patience with their sluggishness! On a trip to the Ideal Home Show I tried ‘beautiful brows’ and although sceptical at first, some 3 hours later when they still looked pretty good I went back to the stall and bought a kit. Cost about £30 (probably more expensive online) but I have to say I have been delighted. You brush it on using a stencil, leave it to ‘set’ and unless you rub them over the day they do last pretty well. I had tried a variety of pencils, brush on products and even ‘falsies’ which made me laugh as they looked like caterpillars(!) but this product has been the best so far. Hope that helps? X

Hi beachgran

I bought a “HD Brows” palette, they can be bought at any beauty salon for around £20, staff should advise you on colour palette and how to apply, I have found it to be so easy and worth every penny.

Hope this helps xx

Hi beachgran, I got on really well with Browzings, a wax/powder kit from Benefit, available from Boots and all major department stores, costs about £23. Easy to apply for subtle or dramatic effect. Benefit girls will demonstrate how to use and advise on which shade suits you. My brows grew back about 8-10 weeks post chemo but I still use the kit for extra definition. Hope this helps xx

Hi Beachgran
I am 15 months on from chemo and my eyebrows just haven’t really grown back at all. Just a few hairs here and there and only a few in the right place. I decided to have semi-permanent make-up eyebrow tattoos before my hair had even fully grown back and it was a great decision for me and set me on the path to feeling good about myself again. They lifted my eyebrow line slightly and that is much more youthful. Everyone I speak to is really impressed and I am so pleased I did it. It was however VERY expensive to my mind as I researched and chose someone who has had a lot of good publicity in national press. She is also in Harley Street so that bumps the price up. Plus they need to be touched up every six months or so! I have just booked for my second retouch and it is going to cost £230. The original price was over £600. I am however delighted I had it done and never have to worry about pencilling them in again. The lady who does it is called Debra Robson. Gay x

Thanks girls. Great advice. I’ve booked in with a local beautician who is going to show me how to apply neat brows then I’ll get one of the  brow kits you suggest. My eyebrows used to be very ‘distinctive’ (Polite speak for wild!) Very dark which was a bit weird with my silver hair. And needed regular taming. So maybe having none now will give me chance to have the brow look I’ve always hankered for!


Good luck Beachgran. I hope you enjoy your new eyebrows, however you achieve them as much as I do mine. It’s the best part of my bionic rebuild so far. Next step is a breast reconstruction with my belly fat. Can’t wait!