eyebrows growing back

some time ago my eybrows thinned and eventually disappeared altogether, my doctor said it was a combination of hormone imbalance and age.

you can imaging my surprise to find that suddenly after all these years they are growing back!!! not started any drugs yet. is it possible that my cancer cells were living on what little hormones my body was producing and leaving none over for hair to grow?? i am ER8 and PR8. Oh I wonder if my receding forehead will recover too

You never know your luck. Strange things happen with this disease don’t they?!

Mine were OK till 2 years into Arimidex, now they’re ‘sparse’ (as a make-up demonstrator in Debanhams charmingly put it).

Oooh. Nice thought oldandlumpy.

oh no, will the tomaxifen make them go away again??