Eyebrows or lack off!

Morning all! Ive just had my penultimate chemo session which will be followed by 15 sessions of radio therapy. Anybody know how long i have to wait to get some eyebrows tattooed? Just persuaded my husband to “buy” me some new ones for my birthday!

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I would check with your team as there is a risk of infection.

I finished chemo end of December and was told 6/12 weeks to improve your immune system, this was to feel better, I didn’t specifically ask about eyebrow tattoo/ micro blading.

www.cancerhaircare.co.uk have lots of information about pencilling them in and using stencils.


Hey by the time I’d finished radiotherapy- I had 20 sessions - my eye lashes and brows came back, like they’d never been away! I’d also look into getting a little de fuzzer for your face. My face fuzz came back with avengance! It’s all calmed down now but was scary for a moment lol. My armpit hair started It’s come back during radiotherapy too. Good luck.

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