I know on the grand scale of things eyebrows are pretty minor but I’m wondering how long it took for everyone’s eyebrows to grow back in?

My hair is growing everywhere else & I’m concerned my eyebrows won’t come back. Any reassurance welcome.

Hi @Luskentyre1 , thank you for your post.

I found this link about eyebrows and eyelashes which you may find helpful: breastcancernow.org/information-support/facing-breast-cancer/going-through-treatment-breast-cancer/side-effects/side-effects-chemotherapy/breast-cancer-hair-loss/hair-loss-eyelashes-eyebrows

Hi, I worried about this too, the eyebrows took longer to come back than everything else, apparently the hair growth cycle is slower on them and to be honest, there have been two gaps in mine since I finished 15 months ago and they’re still coming back even now and rejuvenating they are so slow to grow! every so often there are new eyebrows (never where I want them to be!) but I won’t pluck them at all now, they itch in the gaps sometimes and I can only presume that the follicles are doing something still. If you’re worried, there is a charity called cancer haircare who answered these questions for me.