Since I had taxotere in 2007 I have had no eyebrows at all.It is worth it if the tax killed the cancer [I am tn]but I have started wondering if there is a permanent or semi permanent solution to this problem.I have heard of eyebrow tattoos-is it very expensive and where would I go to find out?
Thank you

Val x

Sorry to hear your eyebrows haven’t come back. I’ve seen eyebrow tattoos which were really good. One lady I met thru this forum had them and said for her they hadn’t been worth the money though. I use benefit eye zings for shading eyebrows on, so that’s a good temporary measure. I hope someone with some more first hand knowledge replies soon.


Not first hand knowledge but…

mine took a while to grow back and I looked into other solutions. I decided that tattoo ones were ok, but were always going to look flat, ie not hairy! You can get hairs implanted into where your eyebrows were. Just google it and you’ll find somewhere. Not cheap, but I guess it depends how bothered you are. I’d have done it :slight_smile:

Losing my eyebrows has been a bigger concern of mine than losing my hair - so I did look into eyebrow tattoos - and they would cost about £250 or so - not cheap, but poss. worth it. I’d really recommend using a cosmetic tatooist - google them, and insist on seeing pictures of what they’ve done, preferably a few weeks after tattooing is complete, so you can get a really good idea of how tattooed eyebrows would look.

Sophie xx

Hi Val,
I looked into this myself once as my eyebrows are now light and fine ,(havent done it yet) the best ones i have seen is from a lady called Karen Betts(Nouveau beauty) ,ive put the link below
I dont think its very cheap anything from £250-£400,but her
technique is very realistic, does it like individual hairs so looks very natural, she has some pics of her work on the site.
You can email her and she will tell you where your nearest place would be.
Think there are quite a few permanent make up artists about but as it permamant do your homework lol
Good luck x

Thank you all-I will look into it but dont think I can afford it just now-I’ll make do I suppose.People say they dont notice but I do :frowning:


My eyebrows really thinned after chemo, I have to tint them every other week, but at least I have something to tint! I am sure I read somewhere that The Haven breast cancer charity helped with tattoing, I am not sure if it is free but I think they help you fine someone to help you and make sure that they don’t charge too much and that they know what they are doing. I need my nipple tattoo re done, NHS trust said that they won’t do it as it still looks ok, so need to fine someone privately that won’t cost too much and know what they are doing, anyway, I was told to speak to The Haven about that.

Tess x

Hi Val,

I agree that lack of eyebrows really does make a difference. Like you, my eyebrows have never recovered fro taxotere, which I finished 2 years ago. I’m a bit of a coward regarding tattoos, but am addicted to Clarins eyebrow pencils to define my face. My children laugh in a morning when I say indeed to go and put my eyebrows on!

Julie x

Hi everyone,I finished chemo in March 2008 and I now have eyebrows,I thought they were gone for good but noticed a thin line the other day.no-one else noticed but then again they never noticed I didn’t have any in the first place or they were just being polite lol(my eyebrows are very fair). So dont give up hope they may comeback :slight_smile:


Wonder if youd thought about the semi permanent eyebrow tattoos, i bought some of these when i was having chemo,unlike permanant make up these only last about 5 days,but are a good alternative to eyebrow pencils which you have to use daily and can be tricky to use
I got some from wigsandpieces, they have lots of shapes,colours thicknesses ect to choice from, and are not expensive,the other advantage is if you dont like them they can easily be removed with baby oil.


Not sure if this helps but maybe worth a try, i found them realy good, but now my brows are back albeit light and very fine, like Tess i Tint them every few weeks to make them more noticeable, i use swiss o’par for that as it is safe to use and doesnt contain coal tar derivatives or hydrogen peroxide bleaching agents. so doesnt cause any reactions .
PS meant to say the semi permanent tattoos come in packs of 8-10 pairs.

My eyebrows and eyelashes thinned considerably during chemo, but in the 3 months since then my lashes have grown lovely and long, and my eyebrows have had to be tamed, or I would be a rival for Groucho Marx now! Take heart ladies, you WILL probably be as hairy as you once were, I just wish the old head hair would grow a bit quicker!

Hi Val-

Just a brief word of warning -from a friend who told me that one of the ladies she went through chemo with had eyebrows tattooed on after her own did not grow back. About six months after she had the tattoos her own eyebrows grew back in a different place to the tattoos so she had two pairs of brows.

I’m not sure of the timing but it’s definitely worth making sure if you have tattoos they are in the right place and that you wait long enough. I would have thought that 4 years was long enough, but you never know- good luck.