hi all
i finished chemo in march 2010 and i still dont have enough eyebrows to see or tint to look more
im rubbish at drawing them in
i have a nice big fringe now which helps lol
i dont really want to have permenent tatoos as what if they grow back in a different place lol or the tattooist gets them wonky

is there such a thing as semi permenent?

i lost all my eyebrows and half my eylashes a couple of years ago due to thyroid problems. the lashes grew back but not one hair grew on my eybrows. My husband bought me a session to have semi-permenant tatooing by Natural Enhancement. I have a huge needle problem, even though it is only scratching the surface with a pen like thing, but she worked with me and we got through it.

most of the session was her measuring me and drawing suggested brows and wiping them off again till we got one we both thought was ok.

I was amazed with the result, a bit like having a face lift. There is a background shadow effect and then lots of tiny tiny lines that look like hairs.

my eybrows have started to grow back, but horrid scrappy things pointing in all directions and in an odd place, so i just go and get them threaded.

She warned me that i would hate her for the first week it was done, and she was right, with bruising it looked as if a couple of slugs had taken up residence. But since then i have been delighted. Just been back for the annual touch up, again a bit of a challange for me, but we got through it, and the result is worth every nerve wracking minute. It hardly hurts but i just have this needle thing.

Trouble is it is very expensive. I think the first one was a few hundred pounds and then its £150 a year to touch up. This lady works a lot with cancer patients doing permenant nipples or decorative tattoos and was a pleasure to work with. She knew about possible lymph infection and discussed it with me and we went ahead anyway

thankyou that sounds really interesting, unfortunatly i cant afford that lol