eyelash and eyebrow serum DURING chemo?

hi ladies

i am wondering if anyone has continued to use revitalash/brow (or similar) during their chemo? I use it currently and am wondering if i should keep using it as it helps the hairs to grow in these areas - so maybe to counteract some of the hair loss.

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I was using Babe Lash before diagnosis and had lovely long eyelashes.  Unfortunately, the chemo treatment I had, EC and Paclitaxol, meant I would definitely loose ALL my hair (and I mean all), so I saved my money and started again post chemo treatment.  Now I have lovely long lashes again and on the plus side, amazing eyebrows.  For some reason they have grown back quite a bit darker than before.  Every cloud and all that……  Oh, and I finished chemo mid August.  

I hope that helps.  All the best.

I did. It did nothing to help me keep my eyebrows but I kept 75% of my eyelashes during chemo and they were long and lovely. However, four weeks after chemo ended I started losing them until they were gone. But immediately I started getting growth so I expect they should normalize soon enough again. My eyebrows started coming in almost immediately after chemo ended and eight weeks out they’re pretty filled in. All in all I would say it’s worth it.