Eyelash loss.. a second time

Hi all,

Just wanted to ask if anyone had experienced similar. I finished chemo beginning of November and my eyelashes grew back by January-ish time. However, over the last couple of weeks they are all starting to fall out again. I know it may not seem like a big deal, but I was starting to look more normal after treatment and I’m concerned why I’m loosing them all? Does anyone have any advice? Thanks in advance

This happens to almost all of us I think mostly because hair grows in stages. Before chemo each follicle was on a different growth pattern. After chemo they were all reset to the same so when they fall out, they all fall out. They’re going to grow back and over the next couple of years you’ll notice that they’ll start developing different purge patterns again so when they fall out it won’t be so noticeable. I’m on my second year now and I still notice it but no one else does.

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Im in the same position, i finished chemo end of October last year and my eyelashes grew back thicker, however the past couple of weeks theyve started to fall out all over again and they are now really thin and sparse. I feel like It shouldnt matter but It feels like a real set back and is really bothering me. Ive just started to use Uklash serum to see if it helps at all.

Yes hair regrowth post chemo is surprisingly slow. My last cycle was on 26 Jan 2023 so well over a year ago and my eyelashes are still half the length and volume they were pre-chemo. On the plus side the hair on my legs and armpits is still relatively sparse, I only need to shave once every 10 days or so (used to be every 2-3 days pre-chemo). As for the hair on my head it’s grown back initially as a completely white millimetre or two, then it appears to darken to my original brown and 6 months after the last cycle I had short grey curls. Now more than one year and two months later I’m finally getting a curlyish fringe! I’ve visited the hairdresser only twice since the chemo! Hopefully any stray cancer cell has been zapped even more than the follicle ones!!