Eyelash Misery!!! TAXOTERE!!!

Hello everyone… I’m nearing the end of my radiotherapy and i had my last chemo 22nd April (3 FEC & 3 Taxotere). I lost all my eyelashes and eyebrow hairs now i’m playing a waiting game for them to come back!

Anyone know when this might start? I know its different with everyone as I’m constantly told by my onc but i’ve been reading up on Tax and i’m beginning to worry that they never will!!

Cant handle another 6/12 months drawing my face on in the morning!!! Never again will i complain of a bad hair day!!!

Hi Julia

Unfortunately I can’t remember the exact time scale but the eye lashes were the first to return and it wasn’t too long thank goodness cos it was the pits. I can’t tell you how exciting it is the first time you manage to catch them with the mascara brush without poking your eye out and believe me i regularly poked my eye out!! My lashes were very long before this and I haven’t got them back as nice as before but a decent mascara works wonders.

The eye brows took quite a lot longer to fill in completely but these are easier to fake with pencil anyway so not so bad.

Hang in there, it won’t be too long and congrats on finishing the treatment.


I have lost my eyelashes twice with taxol. Had my last taxol in March eyelashes grew back really long and thick within about 4 weeks had tax on Friday last week but know I will lose them again soon.
Good Luck
Love Debsxxx

hi Julia
I had 3 of each too! Had 4 weeks radiotherapy after the chemo and the eyelashes were coming back in by the end of that - eyebrows took a bit longer and even now still have to colour them in! Finished rads end of November. Eyebrows and eyelashes in my case seemed to start growing and then some fell out again before growing again if you see what I mean!!
As you’ve been told we’re all different but I’m sure the mascara brush will soon find some!!
Keep smiling
Kaye xx

All of your experiences have filled me with hope! I’m going camping in spain in July and the thought of sweating my eyebrows and eyeliner off all day long (especially if unoticed by me) fills me with dread. What if they NEVER return!! I hate sounding so shallow but its doing my head in! I have a couple of really good pencils but they have little or no staying power. Any recommendations? Wish you all good health and happiness x x x

Hi, i will pm you later today in the mean time you might be interested to look at the poll on my blog up on the righ hand side


Hi Julia,

I sympthise and know exactly what you mean. I finished my fourth taxotere mid December, and now have complete, but short, lashes. Eyebrows however are another story - one small thickish patch but otherwise almost non-existent. I can feel the beginnings of hairs, but not see them, so am addicted to Cl*n*qu* suoerfine liner for brows (not sure if I’m allowed to put names on here!). My hair is coming back nicely now, but very grey - pencil number 02 in soft brown works well for me.


Hi Ladies!

I am struggling a bit with my brows & lashes since finishing chemo last Sept. (!) Anyway, I’ve posted about this before, but Julia, you might want to step up to your local Benefit counter. I’ve been using their Shelac product for eyebrows & it really helps keep the brow pencil in place. They also do an eyebrow makeup, but I haven’t used it.

I also swear by my Eyelure no. 020 “Naturalite” lashes. They are “filler” ones, so they don’t look too OTT. They are a bit “camp” but probably not too good for a camping trip in Spain!

BTW, has anyone here tried those (very expensive) lash enhancing products?
You brush them along your lashline once a day & they are supposed to promote lash growth….